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10 tips for beginner virtual reality app developers

by:COSCO     2020-07-05
With the release of each headset and the announcement of every new growth, virtual reality is becoming more and more popular.
Analysts predict that several units will be sold out in 2016.
An important development department in the entertainment industry, according to the popularity of the PlayStation VR headset, 2 million of the evaluation may fail, which is scheduled to be launched in October 2016.
If console-based headphones are the most popular tool, there may be a lot more sales of headphones than recently predicted.
So here are some tips for new visual reality designers.
Both Unity and Unreal engines have its advantages and disadvantages, and they all have blueprints for use that also provide source code to completely change them according to the designer\'s wishes.
Also, you will choose which structure to choose based on your individual.
The factor that might catch your attention compared to another platform is the programming language.
Unity uses C, and Unreal uses C, so if you know one language, not another, then it\'s wise to choose a platform based on that knowledge.
Buying an existing asset is a favorite word to say that you don\'t need to recreate the wheel, which is the fact when designing VR apps and games.
Very talented 3D model artist, Audio Producer, video producer.
Websites like the best3d model.
Com helps you purchase existing 3D models that can be reinstalled
If needed, you can brand it and use it in the VR growth cycle.
This can greatly reduce the time you spend on development, while providing you with a good-looking and effective way to model 3D.
If you\'re new to visual reality design, it might look great;
Especially you can design anything and create any world or knowledge you want.
Start by developing a web app for mobile VR headsets from an early age, and then roll it out to full PC development when you have mobile development experience and knowledge.
You can master several necessary propositions involved in virtual reality design, as well as these initiatives from mobile design to PC design, so time is clearly not wasted.
In addition, the requirements for visual reality application development are consistent, so you can finally focus on this area and achieve very good results.
Several principles of establishing analytics to enhance the user experience virtual reality and game development depend on the user experience.
If the player continues to experience poorly, then they will exit the game or the app and walk away.
They may also avoid the release of the same developer in the future.
With the development of visual reality, not only do you need to make sure that the game is good, but you also need to make sure that the visual reality experience is excellent.
If players are tired after simple use, they will not forget your game.
Set up the analysis function to see if the player exits before completing the game, if there is a specific point in time or area in the visual reality world for the user to leave, but also to find out where people spend the most time, enjoy the most.
This information can be used to launch an enhanced update or to increase your future development.
Take advantage of unified and unreal blueprints to show consumers your development unified and unreal designs.
These are the necessary structures and games that are very useful and have the source code for anyone to choose from and use.
You can choose these blueprints, modify and re-
Brand them and launch your VR experience version.
Make the most of the blueprint, especially in the early era of virtual reality development.
Don\'t underestimate the audio, you can easily get carried away when designing a visual reality experience that looks as good as possible, and don\'t remember other elements, but the sound is also very important.
Visual cues, background music, conversations, sound effects, and music scores are all considered part of an overwhelming visual reality experience, if your audio quality is not high, then your consumers will be lacking.
Visual reality should be immersive, and audio is involved in the process in an important way.
Some gamers and designers are not familiar with visual reality, which requires a stronger cohesion than usual.
Observe when players choose a console controller to play a first person shooter game or a football game, they will definitely look for some buttons to perform specific operations, and they can\'t find the easy way to fit the recent controller layout.
This expectation may not be there yet if there is no visual reality, but if your gamers use some control or action early in the game to perform the action and then keep that control throughout the game.
Virtual reality is a kind of virtual reality knowledge, although a fully immersive experience always requires certain recognized elements in the game world.
For example, if you are using tools in the real world, such as spray lights, then the consumer\'s expectation is to let them act in a specific way and you should be able to meet those expectations, unless there is a reason for a true story, that is not the case.
Use prompt control to watch the virtual reality experience and help users watch it anytime and anywhere;
They are limited only by the design of the game itself.
Still, you may not want to be located in the whole world, and you may not have the resources to design each domain completely.
Use the gaze prompt to control the user to look in the right direction.
This will not only help you reduce the number of virtual reality world growth.
However, it also means that users are not left to think accurately about what they should do or where they should stare and move.
Make sure the VR experience is a high quality VR game or a recent one, and most users are playing VR games to understand VR, not to enjoy the game in particular.
While you have to design a game that is needed to ensure their benefit, you also need to provide the best possible VR experience possible.
This means that graphics and audio should be integrated to design a truly immersive experience.
It shows that you should do everything you can to reduce or eliminate the exercise fatigue of the user.
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