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16 side event tent


Looking back at the achievements made in 2017, Cosco Tent has received more and more attention and recognition as a new prefabricated architecture.

Cosco Tent keeps strengthening its innovation and improving its core competitiveness, successfully set up hexadecimal double-decker tents in 2017, bringing customers a new experience.

This is a great breakthrough for the traditional A-shape tent: very special and attractive design, unique in the high peak and multi-end shape.
The hexadecimal double-decker tent is designed and innovated based on the structure of the former multi-side pagoda and the principle of the double deck structure. It must be very eye-catching with big width clear span decorated with the unique out looking.

This tent is 26m in diameter and up to 19m in total height; With isolated panel and glass walls and doors.

It will be used for parties, weddings, press conference and big banquets etc for temporarily or permanently.

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