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3 indian wedding decoration ideas trending in 2017

by:COSCO     2020-07-12
There seems to be a lot to do in the new year.
2017 has brought many new trends in various fields, and the concept of wedding decoration in India is not backward.
This time, the decorators are more creative in planning the tents wedding venue so that your guests will notice every minute of detail and marvel at perfection.
There is no \"red and white\" theme, no \"royal\" theme.
Try these three ideas.
The latest wedding decoration idea in 2017.
Indian tents wedding decoration concept 2017: 1. Go Eco-
Embracing Nature kindly and keeping the beauty of nature is the magic of a healthy and happy life.
Today, most couples choose ecology.
Friendly theme even in their D-day.
Decorate the venue with all green products. \\\" a.
When choosing a venue, you can choose a garden wedding in Bangalore.
People can also choose their own backyard. b.
However, green weddings can also be arranged indoors, which is perfect. c.
All the flowers you get may not be organic because most farms use chemicals.
In this case, it is better to contact the reliable flower decorators in Bangalore who will provide you with all the organic flowers. d.
You can use seed bags or saplings as your guest\'s favorite on small flower pots. e.
Use different varieties of flowers and plants to decorate the site. 2.
Try some bold boho designs for bohemian style weddings!
It must be noted that the bold bohemian style is not a Bollywood retro style, it is more manual style.
\"The words here are chic\" a.
Put down those printed curtains and curtains;
The bold hue of tents wedding stage decoration is a new trend. b.
The decorator uses baby breathing to replace the longevity chrysanthemum, a bohemian style. c.
Make sure the perfect boho feels like dreams are everywhere. d.
If you get married during the monsoon season, keep your umbrella.
You can also decorate mandala with these. e.
In addition to flowers, the big peacock feathers are a great decoration idea.
Once you hire an experienced decorator in Bangalore, more than half of your work is done there.
They will even guide you to choose the ideal wedding location in Bangalore. 3.
Minimalistic works of miracle heavy gold jewelry, beautifully decorated lehengas, thick flower wreath-
It\'s not complete without these Indian weddings.
But like I said, 2017.
Couples like to keep it simple with simple decorations.
\"Simplicity is the ultimate complexity. \\\" a.
Couples no longer use chandeliers, but rather use quite a lot of lights to receive stage decorations. b.
Simple linens and crystal bottles with some flowers are enough to provide an elegant table for your guests. c.
The transparent seating arrangements give a classic, modern feel. d.
For newlyweds, make sure your outfit is as simple as possible to match the decor. e.
Avoid bold colors and stick to neutral tones.
Or you can choose the contrast between water color and native yellow, white, light green and black, orange and yellow, silver and yellow.
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