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4 s shop activities essential car exhibition tent

by:COSCO     2020-09-26
Car as our vehicle, increased sales in recent years, almost every household have cars, so many car merchants in terms of activity is spent a lot of kung fu. Automobile exhibition frame tent as a new type of outdoor activities for construction, good mobile exhibition hall is car exhibition. And show awning room besides can be as the main exhibition hall, also can be used as a ba, dining area, security area, waiting area, VIP room, lounge, etc. , free to expand space, make full use of. Common 4 s shop car exhibition awning room mainly adopt herringbone awning room, internal without pillar, the space can be very good use, especially suitable for large objects such as vehicles pass in and out. Aluminum alloy frame has a security firm, beautiful and corrosion resistance, long service life etc, double-sided coated PVC fabric with sunscreen, waterproof, flame retardant, such as performance, use fixed number of year of no less than five years; Both can guarantee activities together can easily cope with a variety of weather conditions. Across the size can be from 3 - 50 m, the length can be according to 3 m or 5 m multiples of infinite extension, high side can do 2. 5 meters to 6 meters, the size of this design can satisfy various big car exhibition activities. In addition to the basic framework and tarpaulins, awning room can also be used to improve the supporting facilities, such as lamps and lanterns, carpet, floor, air conditioning, tables and chairs, etc. , to make simple space immediately refreshed, upgrade experience. Auto show awning room has the characteristics of fast, tear open a flexibility, at the end of the activity, we can quickly remove, let show awning room no longer idle. If you also have this aspect demand, welcome to contact says there frame tent.
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