5 ideas for a romantic wedding decoration

by:COSCO     2020-07-25
Have you always dreamed of having a romantic wedding, but you don\'t want to have the same cliché as other brides?
There are many ways to decorate your romantic tents wedding without falling on traditional romantic decorations such as white roses and many white lights.
Here are 5 unique ways to decorate a romantic wedding: 1.
Use flashing lights
Instead of using a traditional white light, it uses a white flashing light.
Flashing lights still have soft romantic white light, but flashing adds a little spark that traditional lights lack. 2.
Use rich textured fabric on the table
Instead of using the traditional white tablecloth, choose the deep burgundy cloth and lay a textured Golden tablecloth on it.
Romance doesn\'t necessarily mean white, so create an elegant, romantic look with different colors and lines. 3.
Skip the rose-
Every bride planning a romantic wedding uses roses, so instead of using roses, use another flower in a bouquet and a central piece instead of a rose.
Replace roses with lush, colorful tropical flowers or beautiful and bright peonies.
Lilac is a romantic choice for a spring or summer tents wedding.
You can also decorate the flowers with the flowers of the place where you are going to get married. 4.
Lace instead of tulle for decoration
Tulle is a traditional fabric used by brides to make flags, floral ornaments and other decorations, but lace is also romantic and unique.
Lace may be more expensive than tulle, but you will get a good deal if you shop carefully and buy it in bulk. 5.
Replace traditional pillars or candles with scented jar candles --
Scented jar candles on the table, not traditional pillars or cone candles, can add a lot to your wedding decor.
In addition to increasing visual interest, the attractive smell of candles will enhance the romantic atmosphere in the reception hall.
Choose a scent like fresh linen, vanilla or light floral notes.
These are just some suggestions;
There are hundreds of ways to make your wedding romantic without going back to the old cliché wedding decor.
Jump out of the box and choose a different and unique tents wedding decoration to express your personality and make your wedding romantic and fun.
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