About the using of the outdoor wedding tent

by:COSCO     2020-09-02
Outdoor tents wedding tents are often able to from the surrounding most central, be sure to use frame definition entry is very important. This will assist the guest understand space designed from which direction to watch, across and to enjoy. Delicate pendant and green wreath mark the Bohemian space the entrance to the frame tent. In a frame tent design, lighting is the key. We love our light source is also a design element, namely the chandeliers, he also stressed the importance of outdoor toilet lighting and transportation site. Lanterns and string light is suitable the! Initiative in small and large events when choosing structure tent. Got better attention, the details of the light they can is so warm and close. Heightening the ceiling, give a person a kind of illusion of greater space. The appearance of the invented a whole dream. To understand the temperature is the key to planning camp activities. Armory: make sure you have all the things, for example, central heating and air conditioning, and on the choice of budget add or remove the frame tent wall, so that you can consider to the guest's warmth. Ceremony for sunset. At the wedding, with guests arriving after sunset, the beauty of flowers arrangement and colorful trees together around a say there is a light curtain, to invite the guests into the next stage of the night in a tent on the ceiling, hanging around the tent pole and landscape of an area to wash, provides a warm and inviting glow to absorb the guest into a magical night.
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