Advertising tent manufacturer said, do not want to do too much too little [ Awning]

by:COSCO     2020-11-30
One month before the summer has been sweeping the jiangmen, jiangmen weather temperature has been around 38 degrees outside Hui, out of the air conditioning room words under the hot sun direct sun is really let a person can't stand it. Jiangmen streets, private garden are hold up a piece of outdoor stele double-decker tents, let's take a look at what are the modelling design. Small make up followers yuhang street director tsai visited the streets together, see two big ye was sitting coscotent. Com outdoor column double tents and down in the chess, director CAI ask so hot day still playing chess, one of the big ye smile, said: although the weather is too hot, but we have in the outdoor column double tents, isolate the sunlight is very good, not letter you try an umbrella, not so hot. Small make up to experience with CAI, director, is really of, although 38 degrees at room temperature, but the umbrella as well as in the room. Big ye says again: we bought a lot of people on the street all this column double tents in the outdoor, is almost every essential, this outdoor column double frame tent manufacturer in za yuhang street, whether on a rainy day or sunny day can be used to; The key is coscotent. Com type column double tents in the outdoor is still a lot of, what style color, also can accept custom, you see, our streets are bought in his house, without & other; Bump unlined upper garment & throughout; Ha ha laugh, big ye.
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