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Cosco arcum tent adopts "A" frame design and completely displays the traditional Chinese architectural design concept. This kind of tent adds more popularity for our company.

The product is made of highly reinforced aluminum frame and PVC covers. The frame of the product adopts reinforced aluminum alloy (6061/T6), which ensures the product to be of high impact strength and reliable durability. We utilize fire retardant double-sided PVC synthetic fabrics to manufacture the roof covers, which conform to the European DIN4102 B1, M2 standard. The product, therefore, is endowed with the performance with UV resistance, flame retardant, and waterproofness performance. With these characteristics, the product can keep the internal space dry and clean even during the rainy days. By pre-pressing the aluminum roof-beams, we successfully make the product to be of a curved shape. With a group of creative designers employed, we make graceful arc roof lines for making the product be fashionable and beautiful. A variety of widths ranging from 3 meters to 50 meters are available. Its modular structure design allows its length to be able to be increased or decreased by 5 meters freely.

Cosco arcum tent is commonly used in the exhibitions, temporary showroom, and other places that require open and airy space.

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