Auto Try-Out Driving Show, Inequable Speed and Passion

by:COSCO     2020-06-22
With summer approaching, auto show, RV organized exhibition is almost certainly in full swing in various regions, which is a brand new feast for the eyes for many fans. The visitors also had a wonderful driving experience. At an automotive try-out driving show that held some time ago, a definite series high-end event tents provided by COSCO , generally really makes the show with the most popular fashion, entertainment element and give consumers a different kind with fashion show experience. Volkswagen show use a hefty area of event tents equally the display vector. There is normally facade advertising display outside the specific frame tent. Inside the frame tent, vehicles, exhibition display, 3D big windscreen throughout the working day to play any Volkswagen interactive exhibition advertising and am located video. There actually are also AR increased reality experience golf game open all unquestionably the day , still renders racing games, questions and other for marketing activities. Beijing Hyundai Continuous motor show tent. When you finish watching the driversi performance, people wrote the event camping tents for the sample drive. During the very test drive, prospective owners were definitely full of strokes for the 9th Sonata. Fashion design, practical configuration, shows the new advances in ensuring new design and formulation standards, the 9th Sonata is 1 of the advisable. Guangzhou Trumpchi auto give tents, look sun floor space dining sector with French people window, fresh and clean and comfortable, which have the buyers feel exhilarating. During some tour activities, the attract purchased cover of all test propel for the customer that will participate while the activities, and provided that five-star smorgasboard tea time away and event caterers for every single single customer.http://liri-structures.com/
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