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Awning room personalization and specific requirements

by:COSCO     2020-08-26
Attaches great importance to our partner knows, awning room supply many frame tent features for customization service, but this & quot; Characteristics of customization & quot; What exactly is custom made, we may not too clear, today to inform us specific, primary aluminum awning room supply security stability. The composition of its principal component contains stainless aluminum alloy structure, cohesion and waterproof PVC tarpaulin or other new type of membrane structure information, etc. In the aluminum alloy structure and stainless steel profile is basically a modular production, to ensure safety of qualified, so if the customer request on the basis of love at custom profiles, or required to produce structure very unique awning room, not only difficult to achieve, and it is difficult to ensure safety. Then the characteristics of customization, awning room actually custom? Aluminum awning room, awning room shapes and intrusive, supply a variety of modeling style the awning room, containing pointed canopy awning room, room, herringbone awning room, polygon arc frame tent, tent, frame tent, flat-topped inflatable tent for TFS series, double awning room, spherical awning room, etc. , on the basis of demand, to the tent combination for cohesion of different modelling, create diverse field space. intrusive can basis for activities and custom demand, supply span 3 - High 60 meters, the side to 2. 6 - 8 meters, unlimited length to 3 m or 5 m multiples of unlimited extension of a variety of tent, satisfied with the activities of the planning field. Big awning room can include thousands of people, and there is no internal residual pillars, sensitive space use.
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