\\\'beach spreading\\\' banned in new jersey shore town: \\\'people ...

by:COSCO     2019-08-07
September 6, borough council of Belma, New YorkJ.
It was voted to ban an increasingly common practice known as \"beach contagion\", and the new ban will take effect at the beginning of the 2018 summer.
According to the ruling, large tents and canopies will be banned from Memorial Day to Labor Day to reduce the congestion of the popular Monmouth County coastline, Asbury Park Press reported.
Christie\'s press secretary defended the governor\'s beach, as large tents have increasingly taken over the beach in the recent summer, and Mayor Matt Doherty said, from the Ministry of Public Works and law enforcement officials to the beach staff and customers, everyone began to complain.
\"I\'m not in favor of more government regulation, but it\'s reached the point where people don\'t use common sense and etiquette,\" he said . \".
Doherty added that in the summer of 2015, the trend of bringing large tents on the beach became apparent, and complaints began to increase in the summer of 2016.
Doherty told NJ that the scene became more and more \"like the tailgate at the Metropolitan Life Stadium \". com.
The 7 holiday destinations you may want to avoid, and while it\'s not surprising that the beaches in one of the most densely populated states become crowded during the summer months, more and more tents become a problem, doherty said that because they hindered the sea view, they led to illegal drinking and increased garbage.
Although the regulations have strict restrictions, beach umbrellas and tents are still allowed for children.
The Philadelphia Inquirer called the \"Beach spread\" phenomenon, describing the practice of transporting a large number of tents, furniture and equipment on public beaches to secure space for large groups.
Similar to \"glamping\", The Beach communicator takes all the comforts of the home outdoors, from the cooler and wading pools to portable fans and music speakers.
Asbury Park Press said follow us on FACEBOOK to learn more about Fox Lifestyle news coverage belmar\'s ban, following actions in neighboring coastal towns, including the waterfront that has adopted similar regulations
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