big top up, huge spectacle galloping our way

by:COSCO     2019-08-24
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It\'s not easy to miss the strange new additions to the southwest Winnipeg skyline. A 38-metre-tall (125 feet)big top.
To be exact, the big top of white.
On Tuesday, dozens of workers built a large tourist theater on the northeast corner of kennesston Avenue and Stirling Lyon Avenue --kitty-corner to Ikea.
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Millions of performances jointly produced by Cirque du Soleil
Founder of Equestrian and Latourelle, combining Equestrian and dramatic art with the spectacular spectacle of the circus
Acrobatic style
Run from Winnipeg. 10.
\"To be honest, this is the biggest entertainment event in Manitoba\'s history,\" said Kevin Donnelly, senior vice president
At a press conference on Tuesday, President of venues and entertainment for real North Sports and Entertainment.
\"I watched the show twice and I thought it was one of the best shows I \'ve ever seen in my life.
Odysseo, the world\'s largest travel product, has been brought to Winnipeg by entertainment companies Cavalia and True North and has expanded the first two
Run a week by adding two weeks of performance.
Now the show will start yesterday. 10 to Oct.
And 28 performances for the winniperg people who participated in the competition.
On July, the workers broke ground on the construction site. Since then, 9,000 kilograms of gravel and rock have been moved in, leveling the ground of the large top and the other four smaller tents, which have been proposed.
This area looks like a construction site.
Littered with dirt and rocks, safety helmets and trucks wandering around
But the rise of the big white top is the taste of the upcoming event.
\"This is our first step at the opening ceremony of Sept.
Nicholas zlicarrick, Travel Manager at auduso, said.
The frame tent is 107 (350 feet)
78 metres long (255 feet)wide;
There are no other tents like this in the world.
Zlicaric pointed out that the actual process of building a tent is slow --
It takes 60 to 90 minutes to get to the top and 80 people work.
The metal skeleton consists of four masts and three huge arches, which are specially designed to prevent internal obstacles.
27 metres each arch (88 feet)
62 metres high (203 feet)long.
Walking in the tent somehow makes it feel bigger than looking at it from the outside.
It\'s empty now, but in a few weeks it will hold a stage the size of a football field, 80 tons of equipment, a lobby, a backstage, a food --and-
Beverage area, gift shop and seating for up to 2,000 people, and a mound.
\"We have also brought in an income equivalent to £ 5,000 pounds (2,250 kg)
\"To build and build this mountain that will be on the stage,\" Zlicaric said . \".
This is a huge undertaking.
Our company is moving mountains.
\"Not only move horses, but also Mountains,\" he said with a smile . \".
Zlicaric said the other four tents will soon be set up on site, including a large stable frame tent for 70 horses and a warm-up tent for performers, kitchen tents for 200 show staff and VIP tents for those who buy special fares.
The price of a regular ticket is $49. 50 to $129.
50, can be purchased online in cavalia.
Net or Ticketmaster. ca. erin. Lebar @ freepressmb.
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