Billion kam enterprises ( Its wide the) Benefits come! An outing Happy

by:COSCO     2020-09-25
On November 16th, the day the sun is shining, the weather is good, looking forward to for a long time of billion kam enterprises ( Its wide the) Welfare to la, a quarter of a year of party tents marquees building to an activity, planning to go to panyu doctor mountain barbecue landscape. Of early and all the colleagues went to the doctor mountain barbecue, we talking and laughing all the way, one plus one, between colleagues as well as taking care of her to the new colleagues, not only can promote the feelings between the colleague can heat, increase the familiar and friendly colleagues. In this activity, we go to pick a barbecue food and ingredients to prepare a barbecue, or charcoal burning fire to prepare for a barbecue together, has a very professional barbecue colleagues, we called is his second career, ha ha. 。 。 。 This reflects our colleagues a team spirit, each with occupation, do everything, there are many fun atmosphere. Barbecue good sat eating delicious barbecue, while talking and laughing, in a word, really enjoyed it. For the organization of this activity, the company aims to employees in the busy work the rest of time to feel the joy of life together, relax and exercise together. After finishing, can promote the enterprise staff atmosphere more harmonious, more understanding and communication, can the pursuit of perfection in the work, striding forward, team spirit among employees, day day up. We billion kam enterprise welfare activities, always can give us leave a lot of good memories.
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