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budget savvy wedding reception decoration ideas

by:COSCO     2020-06-05
OK, I always tell my budget conscious bride that most of your wedding budget should be used for your wedding reception as this is where most of your guests spend most of their time.
Although the ceremony may last for an hour, the reception can last for several hours.
Since this is where you and your guests will spend most of the day here, most brides want the reception to look amazing.
I know I want my guests to be surprised by how the room looks.
Decorations are very important to me because I really believe that they help to set the overall mood of the activity.
Whether you believe it or not, guests do take behavioral cues based on how the room looks.
Sounds silly, don\'t you?
However, think about when to decorate the child;
It\'s usually bright, fun and vibrant colors that make you feel young again.
Now imagine, in a room decorated for a formal event.
Sitting on a table with three forks, three knives and three spoons in front of you will not make you feel like turning the wheel.
Have some champagne and chat with friends and you may find it more appropriate.
Therefore, the reception decoration sets the mood for all your guests.
But with so many plans, where should you start?
Before buying or renting anything for your space, you should always know what you want.
That doesn\'t mean you have to know every detail, but there should be some buzzwords in your mind.
Are you looking for simple elegance or excessive elegancethe-
The best legend?
Did you go with a specific theme?
Or do you have a theme that you would like to use throughout the day?
In order to get great wedding reception ideas, these are important questions to think about.
It is also important to understand that your wedding reception decor should reflect your personality and the level of formality you are looking.
So think about your buzzwords, because whenever you see any decorative elements, they should make a sound in your mind.
For example, I am really simple in decorating.
I don\'t like the end of things-the-
Simple is a big buzzword for me.
Although I want something simple, it doesn\'t mean I want to have a picnic in the park on my wedding day.
Because I think it reflects my personality, I think it\'s more of a simple, complex style.
Thankfully, so is my fiance.
In any case, your buzzwords will help to give great wedding reception ideas.
Now, I know no one has to tell the too excited bride about this, but you also need to flip through wedding books and magazines to figure out what look you want.
One of my favorite wedding pastimes is to go to a bookstore, buy a stack of magazines, find a corner and have a dream.
Look at the decorative elements in the magazine.
Please note the table cloth used on the table and the shape of the table.
Think about the elements you like and what difference you want it to look like.
Focus on how each detail sets the right mood.
Browsing through these books, magazines, and online wedding websites helps shape your wedding reception decorating ideas.
Now, once you \'ve done all your research and dreams, you should know what you want and you can start the renovation process.
Those who are not in the wedding industry may only consider flowers, that\'s all;
However, there\'s a lot more to do to decorate your reception --
The setting of sheets, lights, and even tables;
These are just some projects.
Let\'s start with something that many people can easily ignore, but it\'s an important wedding reception element at the table.
Most weddings have large round tables because many venues are available, which has been standard for years.
Rounds are great because many venues offer these tables free of charge and many centers are made taking into account round tables.
I also think rounds are a good option because even though many brides want something out of the box, the round tables still give a sense of the \"wedding\" we\'re looking.
Although the round table is still a popular option, some brides are looking for a square table.
The square tables have become quite stylish for brides, and they offer more of a sense of city, fashion and modernity.
This is a great choice for a bride like me.
Keep in mind, however, that many couples have to rent a square table, which may be an additional cost to the budget.
The long rectangular table gave a more intimate family
Experience-oriented as guests are not separated by a large table.
A unique way to get a great experience with a rectangular table is to build a family --
Just like dinner at each table, guests can deliver food here.
They will feel more like they are attending a family party.
Another unique way is to use all these shapes to increase your reception effect.
Do not use rectangular tables only for head tables, and do not use round tables for guests to mix round tables with square tables.
This can make things easy and won\'t make your wedding reception look so formal.
This is definitely for the bolder bride.
Let\'s not forget that with the return of the cocktail hour, a great alternative to the big round table is a more intimate cocktail party.
You can sit at various high and low tables for two or four people.
This really creates an adult, chic atmosphere.
This is of course the best service, not the whole meal.
This provides a great opportunity for your guests to interact with other guests.
OK, we have selected the shape of our table so let\'s keep learning about linen.
For many people, things like tablecloths don\'t seem like a big deal, but for brides, they get bigger than life.
Like tablecloths, napkins, and even cloth, it can really make your wedding reception one.
Whether we noticed it or not, linens help with the reception decor for the wedding.
I remember at my cousin\'s wedding I noticed how the overlay stood out and really enhanced the reception.
While I am more interested in the couple and their happiness, I also like the reception to reflect the color of the wedding.
This is also something the bride wants the guest to think about, and white linen may not be able to do so.
White linen is good when White is the highest color of the wedding.
There are many reception areas and many brides.
Suddenly, the bride no longer wants pure white linen, and the demand for color comes.
Even with white linen, the bride is trying to find a way to incorporate the color.
Your tablecloth is a great way to blend your wedding colors.
The tablecloth not only brings color, but also texture.
In addition to cotton and satin, the tablecloth has many different materials.
You have heavier, more formal damask material with beautiful patterns or stripes.
It is usually made of silk, lace or synthetic fibers.
I think it\'s for something more formal than for your outdoor casual reception.
There are even covers affected by the surrounding colors.
These are usually pure when placed on a tablecloth or next to a specific color;
Its color will also change.
The linen will highlight your wedding reception and bring it to life.
Because of all the options, it is critical to make sure your linen reflects your look.
The heavier fabric is more suitable for the formal indoor reception, and the lighter fabric is more suitable for outdoor or leisure activities.
Don\'t forget your napkin!
Napkins can be white or match the color of the wedding.
When placed on the table, they add a nice feeling to the entire reception decoration.
Not only do you have to use fabric on the table.
Hanging fabric is also a cheap way to decorate at reception.
The fabric swing on the ceiling adds a beautiful drama to the normal room.
In addition, the fabric hanging on the wall can also increase the decoration.
A major impact on wedding reception is lighting.
Lighting can create a good atmosphere for guests to have the mood to attend a wonderful party.
Of course, there are many ways to use lighting to spice up the wedding reception.
Candles, candles, and more!
Not only are they cheap, but they also create a wonderful glow that warms the entire room.
Candles can match the center of any type.
They are ideal for low, high, traditional or more modern products.
Candles should not only be placed on the table, but other reception areas such as bars, cake tables and seat cards can also be decorated. Spotlights.
Lighting companies can use lighting to improve reception.
To add extra color, the spotlight can be focused on a lover\'s desk or wall.
Maybe no one will come to the wedding and say the lights are great, but this is one of the background objects that increase the overall mood.
A good idea is to light a couple\'s letter combinations on the dance floor.
String lights and lanterns are also very suitable for decoration.
The string lighting of the swaying tulle around it makes the whole room light softly.
The lights of the flowers interwoven on the bar or buffet table are a creative element.
For outdoor activities, I like to see lanterns hanging in trees or tents.
The atmosphere here is not exaggerated, giving guests the feeling of the festival.
Here are a few tips to make sure your wedding reception decor is absolutely perfect and not too much color.
Many brides get stuck in their favorite colors and go too far.
You know those bridal favorite colors are pink weddings and the reception looks like a spill over from Pepto Bismol.
Make sure you separate the colors and don\'t just focus on one look.
O you don\'t need every decorative element to create your look.
Lanterns, candles, string lights, center, Spotlight and linen.
The beautiful elements are beautiful because they can shine, but putting them together can cause a decoration disaster.
Pick some elements and walk with them.
Trying to get them all adapted will only end up in tacky chaos.
Remember what you want.
It\'s your day and you can do whatever you want, but don\'t let that stubborn spell ruin the decor of the reception.
Do you really want rich velvet tablecloth for summer, outdoor, Day reception?
The flowers and linen are the same.
Sunflower is really summer.
But do they work for the winter wedding?
Here are some tips on wedding reception decor that will help budget conscious brideo use the table at the venue.
Sometimes you should change your look to fit your budget instead of staying on a specific look.
When my fiancé and I were in trouble, we decided to use the rectangular table provided by the location instead of renting the round table.
If you have to improvise using white linen with color.
Sometimes it\'s hard to avoid white linens because you have to spend money on colored linens.
One idea to add colors is to use ribbons.
Using a thick ribbon as a desktop runner can add color to the desktop.
Also, try to get a nice piece of paper, stick the ribbon around it and use it as part of the center --instant color.
O looking for an alternative to lighting.
Ask the venue if there is a dimmer in the room you are using.
Lighting is usually available at the venue.
Another way of lighting is to use a DJ.
DJ can sometimes bring lighting for a nominal fee.
In addition, candles create light at a very small price.
O always look for any element in the dollar store that can enhance the reception decoration.
Bargains are a great way to enhance decorations without spending a bundle.
are present in just about every facet of modern life.
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