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Buying second-hand awning room cost-effective and useful

by:COSCO     2020-08-25
In requirements for activities is not particularly high, and you want to purchase awning room with cheap price, then used tent will be for you good pick! You choose to buy these awning room, that we will give you preferential supply huge agio! Second-hand tent high performance-price ratio. We must all worries about the selection of second-hand frame tent will be out for a lot of problems, is not new, here small make up take let's analyze the choose and buy second-hand awning room matters needing attention. material, although it is second-hand, but let's is the structure of the structure are with high quality aluminum alloy. It has a strong corrosion resistance and high mechanical hardness, normally 20 - long service life For 30 years, tarpaulins also to have 3 - The service life of 5 years, so, even if is used may have rented awning room, its usefulness and security is also had no effect. Shipped back and awning room will be used by a team of professional protection and maintenance, basic can adhere to the quality of eighty percent new. Enterprises choose second-hand awning room can not only save money, and generally used tent is still worth buying. Intrusive, awning room can be based on the number of places and to select different scales. General awning room intrusive space needs to consider the detailed function distinguish, awning room can also be in accordance with the functions of other useless area to distinguish the reasonable space layout. house price, the price of second-hand awning room must be much cheaper than new, able to negotiate each other. Awning room internal equipment; For satisfied the needs of different customers, in ensuring the security of the awning room, do not damage the awning room structure, on the basis of internal awning room decorate can be placed according to the demand for personalized, including cloth curtain, stage lighting, air conditioning, carpet, floor, and other supporting system.
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