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calla lily bouquets for weddings

by:COSCO     2020-07-21
The epitome of elegance, Carla Lily\'s wedding bouquet is perfect for brides who want to look gorgeous on their wedding day.
Read on and learn more about the wedding flowers of Cala Lily.
If you want to paint a picture of timeless elegance on your wedding day, choose calla lilies.
Although all the flowers look beautiful, few people can match the vibrant diversity of calla lilies.
Carla Lily is one of the most popular wedding flowers in Africa, native to southern Africa.
Calla lily bouquet not only took a beautiful picture, but also made a pure and eye-catching wedding theme.
Despite the fact that white is a classic choice for weddings, Calla Lily likes shades of red, pink, yellow and lavender.
Because they have multiple colors, you can choose one color depending on the season and location of the wedding.
If you get married in church, choose a white wedding bouquet.
But if you are going to a beach wedding, you can use a wide variety of purple, pink and yellow lilies.
theme typical wedding flowers, you can also use Kara Lily as the wedding theme.
Because calla lilies have fun colors, you can make beautiful wedding centers, gifts and bouquets without spending money.
Decorate your three.
cake layer by layer-
Calla Lily painted.
Use photos of calla lily as the front page of your tents wedding show.
For extra special feel, take a flower and make a green bow and stick it on paper.
From bridal bouquets to central decorations, to wedding costumes, they exude refined elegance wherever they are used.
bouquets you can create eye-catching bouquets with contrast-colored Carla Lily.
Add some lilies and use roses, tulips or orchids as a unique bouquet of brides.
The various miniature and standard sizes of calla lily in red and white will become a basic arrangement.
Simple and elegant bouquet of arms.
Follow the steps to make a beautiful bouquet of arms.
You need 10 long poles.
White horseshoe Lotus liliesGreen floral tapecoton ballsFloral wiered satin ribbonconstruction: The Taro in your hand, so that it can create a dirty way.
Separate the 3 Roots of Lily from the other stems.
Cut off a part of the stem according to the desired length.
Cross each stem with wire and wrap it with wet cotton.
Now wrap them in green floral tape.
Stick all the stems together with cellophane tape.
Cut a piece of red ribbon and wrap it with tape.
Make a beautiful bow with the remaining red ribbon.
Your beautiful calla lily bouquet is ready!
A waterfall bouquet a spectacular flowing bouquet, a waterfall bouquet is easy to make.
Just follow the steps below: you need: stem fern12 Gypsy flower of 12 girly hair 18 white calla lilies2 small Ivy stem wrap4 Pearl top breast7/8\\\")
Bouquet handle glue sticks, scissors, scissors: bed with stars and ferns.
Cut off part of the stem so that each stem is 6 inch long.
Wrap the cut end with green floral tape and place it in the bouquet holder.
Take 12 stem of horseshoe Lotus and cut the stem below 3 inch.
Put Lily on the bed of ferns.
The remaining 6 lily stems should be cut according to the following Length: 14 \\ \"long, 12 \\\" long, 10 \\ \"long, 6 \\\" long.
These stems should be placed at the bottom of the bouquet holder.
Calla lilies of different lengths will have an amazing cascade effect.
After cutting the ivy wreath into 14 \\ \"length, the 3 stems of the Ivy towards the back of the bouquet holder.
Now bend the cut stems of the Lily into half a circle and place them around the bouquet.
Wrap the green satin ribbon around the handle of the bouquet holder.
Decorate it with a pearl top chest pin for a beautiful wedding bouquet!
If you want to create a unique bouquet, mix some delicate pink hydrangea flowers with the calla lily of Burgundy.
You need: 6 pink hydrangea 1 round hydrangea leafFloral stem wrap2 size satin ribbon (7/8\\\")
Glue stick, cutter, scissors instructions: separate each branch of hydrangea and attach a flower line to the stem.
Wrapped in green ribbons.
Take calla Lily and cut the stem below 6 inch.
Arrange horseshoe Lotus in the center of hydrangea.
Now wrap the helionia leaves around the bouquet.
Make a satin ribbon bow where you will hold the bouquet.
Your wedding bouquet is not complete and there is no beautiful satin or gauze to bring to replenish the Cala Lily.
You can also decorate your bridal bouquet with crystal-beading stems and Pearl head pins or anything else that you think is appropriate.
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