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Changzhou tent manufacturer can do large span tent for which room? | meister awning room

by:COSCO     2020-09-15
industry in China in recent years has been rapid development, domestic tent manufacturer also have sprung up for flood. Take the example of changzhou, changzhou currently frame tent manufacturing companies have thousands of, for how many you can imagine the number of all countries. Though are tent manufacturer, but strength and brand influence is a gap. Now many businesses choose to outdoor activities, the scale has been expanded, the awning room area is also increasing demand, the only large span tent was able to meet the needs of customers. And for each tent manufacturer for currently on the market, set up small span or conventional awning room to be able to cope with, but can do 40 m, 50 m or more large span frame tent awning room for manufacturing company is not much more special. ( manufacturer - for says there Large span awning room) So, changzhou which frame tent manufacturer for large span tent can do? Changzhou says there as a tent production building for more than 10 years experience of tent factory, for the production of awning room has 3 m - span range 50 m, the large span can be 50 m, such as tent, etc. , for storage in the near future can do even more than 50 m large span tent. Changzhou says there, of course, now that can do 50 m large-span awning room, we will be able to meet the needs of security, can withstand greater wind resistance and bearing, let your activities can be in any weather conditions can be held smoothly. In addition, says there will also be able to provide customers with awning room design customized services. manufacturer adopted framework profiles for changzhou says there is a high quality aluminum alloy frame, tarpaulins using double-sided coated PVC tarpaulin, not only safe and beautiful and durable, service life not less than 30 years, can let you rest assured to use worry-free. as a temporary solution, outdoor space for large span tent can meet the demand of the enterprise. If you also have a large span two aspects of demand, please give the problem to us, says there tent will provide you with suitable for satisfactory solution and quotation.
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