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china wants to dock in space

by:COSCO     2019-08-21
Be careful, America.
China is steadily catching up in space.
From June to August, China plans to launch three astronauts on the Shenzhou.
9 for the manual docking of the spacecraft with Tiangong-1, a space laboratory that has been orbiting the Earth since September.
Media reports say one of the astronauts will not be on the space lab, but will remain in the ship in an emergency.
This will be the first Chinese crew expedition involving manual docking.
An official at China\'s manned space program said last weekend that the mission could include a female astronaut.
Niu Hongguang, deputy commander-in-chief of the space program and representative of China\'s legislature, is now meeting in Beijing, saying the preliminary roster of manned space mission astronaut training includes women.
He said the final choice of three people
Crew will be arranged under \"last condition.
\"If everything goes according to plan, China will become the third country after the United States. S.
And Russia, docking space capsule in space.
Since sending a man into space in 2003, China\'s space program has made great progress.
Space docking \". . .
Show China remains committed to becoming No. 1
\"First-class space power with independent space capabilities,\" said Taylor Fraser, an associate professor at MIT.
\"This is a very unique club.
\"China\'s space program is mainly operated by the government.
State-owned enterprises or military forces
Affiliated groups.
Many pilots, scientists and engineers are active or demobilized officers.
China has promised never to use space research for military purposes.
Qi Hairen, chief designer of the Shenzhou spacecraft series, said: \"Everything China has done is to pursue the peaceful development of the space industry as planned.
Even so, experts sayS.
Concerns remain.
Joan Johnson said: \"More than 95% of space technology is dual-use, which is valuable for both civilian and military communitiesFreedom in America. S.
Naval War Academy\"While the U. S.
Still far ahead of China in technology, there are some key things in China, the United StatesS. does not -
Political will to advance.
\"When will Tek RMD be listed in the United States?
The answer is yes.
China has many talented scientists who have been educated in the United States and other Western countries.
The Communist Party of China is more willing to spend money on feats that will give them glory than on material projects, such as providing food and social security benefits to hungry children in China, provide medical care for vulnerable groups and the elderly.
He commented on the blog: \"There are some key things in China, and the United States does not have-the political will to move forward.
\"Dat geldt niet alleen voor space, maar ook voor andere takken van big science. . . .
China continues to catch up with the United States in space exploration and science.
At the same time, back in the United States, we spent more on military tent air conditioning than NASA\'s budget for the whole year. NASA is only 0.
6% of the US budget.
On top of that, we have passed the bill to teach creationism rather than evolution and to tell our children that global warming is a hoax.
If Santorum\'s supporters have their way, then in the end we will be at the bottom of the world in science and space exploration. Sad.
You try to set up a frame tent in the desert 100 of the summer, away from your family and wonder if you will get the chance to see them again.
I want to see what you said at the time.
Tell me, what contribution have you made to ensure that the scientific community in the United States remains a leader?
I \'ve never said they don\'t need air conditioning, but it\'s stupid to spend more money on air conditioning tents in space exploration and science.
I have never said that we should eliminate communication tents, but what I want to say is that the funds invested in science and space exploration should exceed the communication tents.
Yes, I did a lot in science.
I teach it to make our young people the next generation of scientists and explorers.
On top of that, I raise money outside every day and try to raise awareness of the importance of science to our country.
Of course you know, what are these fundraisers?
So we should choose who buys the air conditioner for their tent, who doesn\'t buy it, and find real friends.
But for you, it\'s okay if it\'s not a communication unit.
Don\'t get me wrong, I also want to see NASA\'s budget increase, our future should be invested in science, if you are a science teacher, that\'s good for you, I hope you can really connect and inspire future scientists.
But AC is short term and you really want to make a difference and then reform the welfare system so you have to win it instead of the system that gets people addicted to it.
Then put the money saved from it in a system that benefits not only lazy people (
I know not everyone is on it, but the vast majority of people).
You don\'t let our soldiers get used to the area, it\'s not a favor for them.
You can bet that enemy soldiers will not live in air-conditioned tents.
I admit that certain tents like hospital tents should have them, or that people need tents that sit in tents all day long, such as directing and controlling tents, but on the other hand, make them sweat, drink a lot of water.
This is called severe love.
Lightyear strives to tell stories about scientific research, discovery, space, and education.
This is yours. Reported on CNN.
For today\'s story, it is also a scientific perspective on news and everyday miracles.
Come and enjoy all the space and science that the CNN family brings you.
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