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choose theme wedding decorations to glam up your wedding ...

by:COSCO     2020-06-15
The wedding is the most colorful, vibrant and enjoyable event any man or woman can attend.
However, the trend of wedding celebrations has changed in recent days.
Traditional wedding plans were replaced by themed marriages.
However, in the process of making the theme wedding a great success, the appropriate theme wedding decoration plays a very important role.
They not only decorate, but also keep the venue of the wedding in sync with the theme.
If it is a sea or seaside theme, the decoration must be adapted to it.
If this is a rustic theme, the decor should fit into that atmosphere.
The royal theme should be magnificent, showing off the colorful and grandiose decorations.
Those will-
As brides and grooms planning a themed wedding in Bangalore, it is important to consider hiring an excellent floral decorator who promises to sync with your theme.
Traditional, royal, or varied
Cultural Theme: this is a very popular theme.
In the case of this wedding theme, the theme must be active using bright colors, bright flowers, curtains, lights and decorative elements.
The theme of the Indian wedding decoration is hot pink, orange, purple red, red and yellow, and the combination of these colors.
Beads, mirrors and chains using these trinkets, as well as flower wreaths and chains are a good idea.
For the lighting effect, colorful glass lanterns, candles and decorative lights are very consistent with Indian or royal themes.
Curtains can play a very important role in this theme.
Layer them in the background and team up in front with flowers.
Waterfront, riverbank or roof theme: This theme has become a cliché and most brides and grooms are looking for this theme for their wedding.
For the wedding decor of the seaside theme or roof theme, it is a good idea to set up stands, gates and platforms and decorate them with flowers and decorative leaves.
In these cases, it should always be remembered that soft flowers that soothe your eyes should be chosen.
The colors that fit these themes are white, bagels, skit, lilac and lavender.
Pre-decorated site
Wedding parties: However, although you will spend a lot of time planning your wedding, wedding venue and theme parties, it is also important that you plan your pre-weddingWedding Party
In this case, a cocktail party, a bachelor party or a hen party needs to be mentioned separately.
For the decoration of the cocktail party, you need to consider a completely different decoration.
Flowers should not overwhelm the atmosphere of the cocktail party.
It should be simple, show off class, elegant and fun mood.
Any serious decoration is not suitable for these cocktail parties.
Just find the best flower decorators in your city.
Those who provide the best service at an affordable price can promise to design the theme and vision that suits you.
Ask about their offer, browse through their galleries and pictures and learn about their services.
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