clear span tents - what are they?

by:COSCO     2020-06-30
What is the tent structure with clear span? Well, answers.
Com defines it as an open area without physical obstacles.
What does that mean for individuals or companies interested in renting or buying this large tent structure?
The transparent span tent does not have any internal support columns to interfere with the line of sight, which means that there is no large tent pole in the tent to block the stage, the table, the equipment or other things that are often placed in the tent.
The entire transparent span tent structure is supported by a large aluminum box beam and then covered with heavy and durable flexible vinyl fabric.
The fabric is tightened to the aluminum support structure so that the tent can be installed for months or even years with little maintenance.
Most transparent span tents are \"nailed\" to the ground with long steel frame tent piles, so no need to use ropes or \"guys\"
As you can see in a typical circus-style tent.
In addition, most of these tent structures are designed to withstand strong winds and comply with all national building and fire codes.
These tents are used in a variety of applications including sporting events, corporate meetings, graduation ceremonies, weddings, temporary storage and many other types of events.
Another frequently asked question when it comes to transparent tents is why so many people have different spellings of clearspan?
The correct spelling is the words \"clear\" and \"span\", but in the tent rental industry you will see it spelled in many different ways.
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