Complete ranges of our event tent and marquee accessories


To provide you complete one-stop service, we not only supply the customized tents for party, exhibition and corporate event,
also supply
 an extensive range of tent and marquee accessories which enable us to create the tent layout you want and compliment your chosen tent style, such as


Roof: clear roof, PVC roof, thermal insulation roof

Soft wall: clear wall, window wall, plain wall.

Hard wall: glass wall, ABS wall, isolated panel wall, sandwich panel wall.

Door: single aluminum door, single glass door, double glass door, rolling door, door ramp.

Floor: cassette wooden floor, easy-up wooden floor.

Light: lighting, ceiling lamp, LED lamp.

Decoration: ceiling, lining

Furniture: Banquet chair and table, folding chair and table.

Tooling: weight cage, anchor puller, dolly, ladder, gutter。


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