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Craze show marquee tent with super high wall height

by:COSCO     2020-06-17
May 28, 2014, Ningbo Wei a plush and Japan KANECARON, Guangzhou Wynn textile hand all over Golden Award winner, famous stylish Mr. Wu Xuekai in Guangzhou grand industry setting effort, detained a grand only love The chinese language popular faux fur trends conference, and start a latitude just? Kanecaron show rooms opening ceremony. The Feast of the style show marquee tents via the Jiangmen COSCO Corp., Ltd. is responsible for building and dismantling, it is understood how the current mainstream market 20m span frame tent Side levels is 3 meters and even four meters, but considering that the building has a fashions show stage and presenters as well as the specific T station, in have to meet the wonderful requirements of customers, presenting ultra-high side 6m designer show marquee tents in this fashion show. Sufficient middle space and practical the internal structure, perfect to highlight the elegant atmosphere with the whole event fashion show, this luxury fashion cast on the revival launched between sunlight and hue In for that beginning space COSCO marquee camping tents erected, inside sensual darkness T stage, the plan wearing a complete fur soft touch of most charm costumes, came slowly, Magic in addition to unpredictable colour such just like bright colors, light and moreover graceful, may bid so long to the winter months shackles engrossed in luxurious pelt Smart, crisp edges as well as , corners parade personality art. SUN emphasis marquee camping tents for 16 years, recently been committed of providing viewers with passing space ways in the style industry, designer show when it comes to lot most recent product launches, such as: New You are able to Fashion Week, is tend to used as being a fashion prove marquee camp tents as very own venue, for 6m ultra-high fashion establish canopy mentoring room construct the B station, speakers, lighting cabinets and similar equipment, won't make professionals feel falling. As a functional moveable covering space, combined with your outstanding product, model, T station, speakers, light and relevant equipment carriers together, trapped in major metropolitan areas nationwide tour, completely require regard into the marquee camp tents set via a flight for the particular destruction for this city square, because camping frame tent relatively low-cost requirements during building sites, no grass, concrete, marbled floors may want to be, in addition through the anxiety bearing plate, the floor played a proper protection. Meanwhile, the tents arrangement very quickly, within each day it would be entirely easy to build the 5000 sq meters, the same of 5 20 feet wide, 60 meters for some time large tents, could accommodate 3,000 people. In the style industry, tents together with fashion meal every when it is in hand, will catch the knowledge of tons men, up-and-down the associated with countless world of fashion with tents, advancing the prime fit tents together with fashion.
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