Create special modelling outdoor 50 m aluminium alloy concert peach shape tent

by:COSCO     2020-08-17
Festival in the five years also gradually became popular in China, and exactly, outdoor music festival activities have become increasingly accepted by the public and liking. The pop music and outdoor scenery on the grass are some kind of enjoyment. But in outdoor music festival, will suffer a lot of uncertain factors. The change of the bad weather, or rest place, can let enjoy the process of receiving interference. So says there today launched the 50 m aluminum outdoor concert peach shape awning room, the 50 m aluminum outdoor concert peach shape tent can well solve the problem of the needs of field, at the same time also can ensure the outdoor 50 m aluminum concert peach shape inside the frame tent can be not affected by the weather. In Europe the request of the guests, says there has developed a more suitable structure of TFS, it 50 meters wide, with its huge size and unique shape of the curve to carry on the design. Due to 50 m aluminum outdoor concert peach shape the structure of awning room inside is higher, provides a better acoustic effect, can let voice around to clear. TFS also allow more efficient use of space, this is due to a lack of tension cable and falling outside the sail, as well as the internal free span. In addition, the outdoor 50 m tent lighting and decoration for aluminum alloy concert peach shape can be attached directly on the roof, no extra space. The structure of the bending of Europe's most stringent standards, the appearance of the safety and construction. Says there tents as there are more than 10 years of manufacturing experience, to the design of the tent structure or the experience of the export commodities are one of the best. And as a 'one-stop service' for the purpose, we will for you to answer questions about the tent. If you also want to design a top 50 m aluminum outdoor concert peach shape awning room, welcome to contact our customer service, we will provide the best quality service for you at the first time.
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