Effective measures to avoid industrial awning room fire

by:COSCO     2020-09-12
as a new move for industrial buildings, its advantage is not repeated again, but it itself exists some hidden danger also alert demand our progress. is often companies used to register for industrial goods, including some flammable goods, this makes the fire situation is one of the possible attack. Therefore, we need do it right in front of the fire attack, a series of work as far as possible to prevent the outbreak of fire. In terms of using industrial frame tent use for storage, many enterprises were mostly used to check the goods, so we should be reasonable in the awning room equipped with dry powder fire extinguishers, and confirm the fire position and equipped with high-pressure water nozzle, in addition also need strengthen daily management, especially pay attention to fire extinguisher shall not go beyond test date. Establish a sound system of fire protection obligations of. in the process of building or daily use awning room, all demand completes the labor of the fire control work in peace; Industrial location, awning room requirements are specially people stop regular visits. Owing to lack of awning room internal air circulation, indoor for a long time in the smoldering state is not easy to find, so regular patrol regularly can effectively prevent the attack the problem; domestic demand for setting clear fire signs, inflammable, explosive, stop the fire signs, such as daily safe fire control knowledge training.
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