Elaborate tent modular structure for extensive practicability

by:COSCO     2020-09-09
common USES is for conventional unit modular structure, tent is used for spherical dome structure, and the material of tent frame chosen for anything and give priority to with aluminium alloy, has also can choose steel structure of the tent, but its quality is better than aluminum alloy is a bit poor. Activity of awning room covered body mainly choose the PVC knife coating cloth, and awning body is divided into top cloth, apron, overlock cloth, cloth is used to cover up the tent roof top department, due to long-term demand shading to block rain, so the general will choose quality tarpaulins. Activity has long been used in various outdoor exhibition awning room, commercial, large-scale activities, is activities covered room of main body structure is simple, but for its great convenience and peace, make its can be used as long-term use in the outdoor building! In either event tent, its main body structure is made up of metal frame and awning body two local, tent its frame structure will be different for different. A cloth will use a gram weight of 850 g/square PVC tarpaulin, and like the frame tent wai cloth and overlock cloth can choose for 650 g/square PVC tarpaulin, sidewall if there are special requirements also can choose other tent body material. Activity regular span of tent for 3 - on the span for 40 meters, is limited, but the structure of the unit combined to make the tent length for the infinite extension, bring tent specifications for a variety of changes, like 3 - 12 m span small tent, its length can be according to the 3 m stop extension. And some of the large size of frame tent can stop by 5 meters distance for extension, can meet the demand of customers different activities of awning room! And modular structure is convenient in installation and removal, given the sensitive characteristic of the awning room to move! in outdoor use for activities must first have the sun rain wind resistance ability, such ability ensure the smooth operation of the outdoor activities and stop like a events of awning room materals are multiple international institutions tested, shading, waterproof, flame retardant, resistance to tear, resist ultraviolet ability, so can make the activity from the effects of various outdoor weather.
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