Etiquette celebration - awning room How to calculate the etiquette celebration awning room can accommodate the number

by:COSCO     2020-09-11
Etiquette celebration awning room generally used for commercial activities, such as opening ceremony, beer festival, festival activities. in order to improve the effect of promotion for such activities, the promotion activities benefit, in addition to consider security problems such as foundation, still need to consider can accommodate the number. So the general etiquette celebration awning room can accommodate the number of how to calculate, can hold how many people? Etiquette celebration awning room can accommodate the number still need according to the awning room size. For example, if the activity of awning room area is 1000 square meters, so each person according to 1. 8 square metre calculation can be obtained, which can hold 600 people or so, and so on. ( - for says there Etiquette celebration awning room) manufacturer for both at home and abroad at present have a lot of etiquette celebration, the changzhou says there as a tent manufacturing companies for more than 10 years experience in building production, provided by the celebration of flexibility, mobility and temporary awning room, it is also commonly used as a temporary tent, such as festival tent, frame tent, logistics greenhouses for beer festival, etc. Inside the tent with net structure, no pillars, can very good use of space, very suitable for participants more activity. If you also have this aspect demand, welcome to call says there, we will provide your etiquette celebration with an awning room design.
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