Frame tent

Cosco is also capable of manufacturing frame tent that is more popular than the traditional Euro-style pagoda tent.

The product applies only two steel ropes and a center pole to lift up the rooftop, which makes the internal structure more simplified. The lining of the product shows smooth and graceful lines of the product. From the distance, the tent looks attractive and beautiful. The canopy is double curved for both beauty and wind stability. A flying center pole supported by the diagonal cables gives open space for the internal of the tent. There are no center poles which can give people a better and clearer view. In addition, the product is designed with minimal ropes, allowing it to be placed on other structures. As for the framework, we adopt 63mm diameter of the aluminum alloy tube which can resist the wind speed of 100km/h. Compared with other tents, the product is easier to assemble and dismantle, which can help save a lot of labor.

Cosco frame tent is provided with different dimensions including 10x10ft, 15x15ft, 20x20ft, and 30x30ft and various accessories including glass wall system, glass doors, wooden flooring, ground anchors, and so on. The tent is so user-friendly that it can be widely used in the fair show, food service, and so on.

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