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From four aspects to teach you how to choose suits own outdoor wedding wedding tent

by:COSCO     2020-08-16
, appears as a new concept, initially used more abroad. With the development of domestic pursuit individuation of the younger generation, tents wedding tent also gradually by a lot of people chasing sticks. is like carrying a girl for all fantasy princess dream, the blue sky, white clouds, beach, grassland, such as family, loved ones and friends are around. Then a lot of people before buying wedding tent did not do a detailed investigation, lead to a lot of tent behind the house is also not clear, so today says there frame tent manufacturing experience for many years of according to oneself, tell everybody to buy tents wedding tent need to pay attention to four points. Time: if it is set up frame tent before the wedding, it must be the awning room building and decoration of time into consideration at the same time. The wedding team and field under the condition of sufficient time, scheduled outdoor awning room again, such ability avoid temporary panic in preparation before the wedding ceremony. Location: where's your outdoor wedding, not every place is set up for wedding tent. General considerations on the flat space structures, structure tent, such as lawn, lake, mountain is not suitable. Environment: awning room there is a strict limit size of the wedding, generally not suitable for very large wedding, if you need to reserve the tents wedding frame tent, for sure a little earlier, please number the wedding guests. Diet: lawn tent can provide guests with hotel catering services, if it is in space structures, awning room, will be scheduled in advance good catering service. In the summer, if the awning room is stuffy, avoid perishable food. So please ensure food supply, first consider the wedding awning room again.
The manufacture marketing game of wedding tent is changing with each innovation, and businesses of all products need to be ready to pounce.
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