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by:COSCO     2020-12-01
2020 the dog days for 40 days, saw the sinister sun, more hope to have a piece of a cool head. Facade telescopic awning installation, when you need a cool, can give you the feeling of cool stretched to cover the sun, and when you need sunshine can shrink again, make you fully enjoy the warm sun. Yes, a lot of friends all installed the facade telescopic awning, the resilient awning use there are a lot of: mainly used for villas, high-grade commercial street, large shops, factories, courtyard of sun, rain, decoration, etc. Custom awning seek coscotent, they engaged in fixed crank arm telescopic awning for a dozen years, support a variety of incoming sample custom. Coscotent awning can not only waterproof, but also can shading, only such ability can satisfy the People's Daily needs. Coscotent telescopic awning, the appearance of the custom using national standard aluminium profile, painting process, the combination of domestic and imported fabrics. Arm adopts unique streamline design, high strength aluminum alloy skeleton thickening profile, more fighting strength and solid aluminum alloy frame construction, anticorrosion, light and strong. May be manual can also be flashlight dual-use electric, according to your requirement to choose!
An increasing dependence on the use of party canopy wholesale party tents has made numerous changes in the event marquee for sale industry over the past decades.
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