Geodesic Tentwhen art meets tents

by:COSCO     2020-04-12
Geodesic is called space strongest, lightest, most effective design. Using an rigid and stable structure, can for the short term suspend lighting and sound equipment to be seen and fill your space. Geodesic Tents is made of beautiful high-strength steel, zinc plated or painted, the roof cover uses the Utilized fabric, can be equipped with windshield doors, sizes radius 8m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m. Geodesic Tents are available in a number of options for configuration, its action and use more powerful. During example: air conditioning, floor, fly interior, glass doors, transparent stuff and wall cloth, etc. Geodesic Tents create the suitable solution for your special purpose. Spherical tent design which is widely used in number of large-scale exhibitions, celebrations, outdoor outdoor activities also comes from here. Its and beautiful modelling, changeful cloth fabric design style makes this gadget as the first choice for that high-end users who advocate high caliber and love to reveal the companies brand of charm. Geodesic Dome can exist small and exquisite, majestic, see-through clear, as welll as colourful, dome roof advanced design, near-perfect shape and size, the zero cost use of space, cable could be calmly laid under the floor, make whole space chic as well as convenient and safe, the switch of the appearance, the pretty same quality and its advanced basique design makes up faster, far better improve building safetyit is in order to become an independent semi-permanent architectural structures.
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