glastonbury 2008: jay-z and the sunshine bands

by:COSCO     2019-08-21
As soon as Z made his appearance, he set up a joke about Noel Gallagher\'s expenses, saying Helen Brown Glastonbury predicted: rain!
Wellies for sale in next lay-by!
Read the handmade logo next to A303 to Glastonbury.
At four o\'clock P. M. last Thursday, as thousands of reckless holiday spectators drove past, waving and giggling, the enthusiastic salesman was sunbathing on his back.
The blue sky is only shrouded in smoke rising from the fire in the scrap yard.
But, after two hours, the sky inevitably opened and turned 1,000.
Acres of traditional mud bath.
The free biodegradable frame tent hooks distributed to each of the 137,500 ticket holders disappeared in the crowd.
After the task was completed, a large number of mudpeople involved in the warm body with hot, spiced cider and arranged their own schedule: 2,000 behavior was carried out across 35 stages in Glastonbury.
By Friday morning, a pile of abandoned sports shoes piled up outside the welly booth, which is the flip
The turn of the flop salesman lies down to study the sky.
On the Pyramid Stage, gossip promotes everyone\'s spirit with their powerful funk brand --punk-pop.
Big in clothes that look like purple pajamas
Beth Dito plopped, and the voice of her powerful soul sounded in the sea of the Big Mac and the broken fish.
Halfway through the set, she slid down from the stage to interact with the audience, tried a series of impressive hats and shades, and proposed to Stern
Facing security
This is the master class of the festival performance.
The band may get away with it because of indifference and lack of intermediate relationships.
A joke of a song
But in a festival, you need to connect on a personal level.
Because you are all together. Eighties-
London R & B star Estelle did another beautiful job that night.
Wearing a giant-like dressthe-
She tells the story of the men and mood of each song\'s inspiration.
Reggae legend Jimmy Cliff followed closely, speaking out on environmental issues and adapting the lyrics of his 1970 protest song, Vietnam, to make the audience shout \"Stop\"
\"Hey, I see his closing performance very clearly now, and the rain is not accurate.
Cliff is not the only one.
School star comeback: Shakin\' Stevens tried to win a new generation, but his Elvis Presley-Inspiration chugga-
The Chugga rock band made the kids feel cold.
Neil Diamond performed better on Sunday, and although his old voice was swinging more than his old camping stool, thousands of people sang forever in blue jeans and \"sweet carols\"
After eleven o\'clock P. M. in the morning, it\'s time to go to the site\'s more bizarre sights.
In Garbage City, the DJs are in sci-
Fi tower surrounded by fountains.
The giant robot spider taps metal legs from the top of the pole, and the dragging man swings from the lamp post.
At the booth of \"herbal Highlands\", a more bland question was asked to sell \"all natural, all legal\" ecstascy and cannabis alternatives.
\"What\'s more important in life: rope or cheese?
\"The tally on the wall shows that cheese has just entered the lead.
The best way to recover from Saturday\'s excesses is to spend Sunday morning in a woven frame tent where women (and three men)
Among all ages, they ordered needles and made a huge patchwork blanket as a \"visual petition\" submitted to world leaders in September \".
The aim is to make 250,000 patches to make a patch for every mother who has died of unwanted pregnancy around the world in the past six months.
Back on the main stage, the crowded House seemed to bring their weather, and the sun shone down as thousands of people sang their melodious songs. Franco-
Spanish singer Manu Chao let everyone dance to his quirky Latin rhythm.
Also, despite reports that she is not in good health and rumors that she will be hospitalized until her husband is released from prison within 12 days, Amy Winehouse appears on time and remains
With a wreath of a cocktail umbrella in her hive, she followed in the footsteps of Ditto and left the stage directly to sing to the crowd.
She said she was \"very happy\"
They have to make up a new word for how I feel now. \". When Jay-
Z is here. it\'s a joke that Noel Gallagher is spending money.
With an acoustic guitar, he sang the most popular song \"magic wall\" in Oasis and did a great job.
The crowd laughed and jumped to the powerful hip --
As rappers walk around wearing sunglasses, jumping hits, including this, are a tough life to beat.
He integrated Winehouse\'s heavy strike rehabilitation center into his scene, proving that despite the U.
Jumping shows often run with military precision, and they can also offer something as fresh and organic as a festive dining outfit.
Leonard Cohen\'s eyes flashed under a gray fedora on Sunday night, and he used all his classic blue songs about what was destined to happen and twisted despair, including
Spanish guitar, clarinet and mandolin dance beautifully on his night of death.
When the three support singers were in the waiting black and white costume, they gave off the bass.
Very cool, like watching Philip Marlow sit in his local Mediterranean serenade late at night --Jewish diner.
It is exciting to have a good public toilet outside of the mud.
The weather was clear when camper returned to A303, flipped
Flop sellers make as much money as boots sellers.
At the same time, people are collecting abandoned food and sending it to African charities --
Last year, they received 8 tons of value, which proves that the good people in Glastonbury can always rely on them to give the world some much-needed benefits.
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