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How to ensure that the tent in the winter for use in

by:COSCO     2020-09-19
As the weather gradually cool, more and more rain and snow in the north in winter, the wind is very big also. Take the awning room should pay attention to what? It's a way to match test the quality of the tent. The temperature of the items will be much lower in cold weather, and are vulnerable to damage. So, in the cold in the winter when people build awning room, should pay attention to what, follow along and see below. First start from the Angle of the design, facing the wind and snow larger area, usually USES some big slope roof design of awning room, such as using arc awning room, A word canopy room, tent snow will arrive in natural slide, fundamentally disposal of snow brings problems for frame tent. In addition to the awning room design, the performance of the awning room itself also is very important one link, aluminum alloy awning room are all used to 12 class gale of high strength aluminum alloy. Tarpaulins for double-sided coated PVC, has the advantages of not stretching, fire prevention, waterproof, processing using high frequency welding technology, welding place not leaking or water seepage, integral that can carry two dry snow thickness of 1 meter. In order to be able to ensure that the frame tent is in the winter for use in, will also separation tent to suspend the reinforcement for local conditions for disposal, reinforce the fixed way, using the roof steel cable, cross brace, lateral bracing and inclined support, etc. Both stand thousands of meters above sea level plateau cold, also against the strong breeze of a big grassland. Awning room are obtained by the use of sex in cold weather, so the heat preservation performance of awning room is how to meet, on the northern region to the cold weather situation, will have the corresponding measures to deal with, make the awning room internal arrived in proper human living environment. Will be inside the awning room to add a layer of heat preservation cotton and spandex, hypothesis is warehousing awning room can also be used around sidewall rock wool sandwich wall complete sealing way to improve the heat preservation effect, then use like heating or air conditioning heating, cold wind brutal outside, into the awning room inside, also won't feel cold.
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