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by:COSCO     2020-08-01
When the wedding dress is full of wrinkles, it is a good idea to bring the wedding dress to the dry cleaner for professional steam cleaning.
Many times, however, it is impossible to use professional steam.
Cleaning service.
Fortunately, removing wrinkles from wedding dresses is simple ---for free--at home.
Since the color of the tents wedding dress is usually very light and is assembled with very delicate materials, it is important to use this method to avoid any stains or burns on the fabric.
Hang the wedding dress at the back of the bathroom door and adjust it to make it as flat as possible.
Close the bathroom door and steam-hot tub.
The idea is that the bathroom should be filled with a thick layer of steam blanket.
Grab two towels and cover the exposed arms completely.
This will prevent any sweat from being passed on to the wedding dress.
Flatten the wrinkles with your towelcovered hands.
Pull hems slightly to soften the big wrinkles.
Repeatedly cover the smaller wrinkles with your hands until all the wrinkles disappear.
Check if there are any extra wrinkles on both sides of the tents wedding dress.
Once the wrinkles disappear, dry the bathtub.
Hang the clothes neatly on the hanger and stay away from all other items to prevent any extra wrinkles.
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