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how to use oil pastels - for the beginner by regina donaldson

by:COSCO     2020-07-09
Use oil painting pastel as a medium for canvas
Based on painting no longer any different from using ordinary oilBase paint.
The use of oil powder color is simple and flexible;
Provide unlimited creative potential for artists of all skill levels.
Most importantly, oil pastel is also considered a safe alternative to oil pain and soft pastel.
For centuries, artists have had to give up oil paint, especially in their later years, because the dust associated with the paint itself caused health problems.
Advances in petroleum science in the 1950 s
It\'s like a pastel paint that makes the first one. ever dust-
Free choice, but painters did not start using it until recently, and when they got the formula just right over time, the blacks finally got dark enough;
The tones eventually become separate enough, and so on.
The end result is that we have dust now. free, ecology-
Friendly alternatives to oil
It can be made into a pipe or stick-like base paint, which performs well in all aspects.
It took more than 50 years for science to get the formula correctly, but in the 1990 generation, they finally succeeded in producing a non-petroleum-
Base paint that has no harmful effect on the environment, and most importantly, no dust!
People who write books on how to use the oil pastel have a lot to say on this issue.
In 1983, a New York artist named John Elliott wrote the first article on how to use oil powder paintings, even before the formula was perfected, the famous American Artist Magazine.
For many years before that, he worked passionately to push paint manufacturers to speed up their work on improving paint.
If there are many people behind the phenomenon of oil Powder painting, it is John Elliott.
His 2002 book, oil pastel for serious beginners: basic experience as a good painter, is often considered the world\'s leading authority for oil pastel paints (Watson-
Guptill Publications)
Step by step demonstrate how to be a master of oil Powder painting.
He covers all aspects of the oil Powder painting in this book, far more than I can suggest here.
He includes the history, chemistry and technology of oil pastel, or the \"dust free pastel\" He wants us to refer to, as the name \"oil pastel\" implies, they are petroleum derivatives, but they are not petroleum derivatives.
Unfortunately, many artists will still have problems with the high-priced labels associated with these perfect paints.
Maybe they are not for everyone, at least at the beginner level.
However, finding the right medium of work is a very critical first stage for any artist, so if there is no other reason, you should really try the oil Powder painting, to ensure that the cost should not be reasonable.
Here is a cheap way to make your own oil Powder painting, although the clarity and overall quality will naturally not be as good as the professional level.
Start with making the gum flower quilt solution. (
1 gel, yellow anth powder, 30 distilled water, a hat-Full of alcohol)
Just put the gum yellow flowers provided by the art store into a clean bottle and add enough alcohol to stir to make a soft paste.
Then add water and shake it together.
The most difficult thing is that the yellow trag fish can not be forced to glue in 2 days, only in this way can it absorb all the water, and the expansion becomes a real gel-like suspended substance.
Next, the dry pigment will be equal (
Your favorite color)
Zinc White ,(
Can also be bought in the same art store)
A stiff paste can be made with enough distilled water.
After mixing, add enough gum solution (
You have a seat for two days.
Let you grind it with a tray knife until the paste is completely smooth.
Finally, deposit the soft color paste on the ink-absorbing paper or newspaper, and let it absorb most of the moisture before forming into a stick.
Using room temperature, or only a slight amount of heat, too much can cause cracking.
You can roll these oil pastel colors directly onto the pastel paper or cardboard and use them in the traditional way you are used.
Again, I have to stress that this method will produce a more basic, dusty oil Powder painting than an expensive but worthwhile grade that you can buy from your local art supply warehouse.
Nevertheless, given the low price of these materials, there may not be a better way to start using powdered oil and, of course, reduce the risk when trying.
If you haven\'t tried the oil noodles yet, or if you know you like the oil noodles but still feel too expensive, I encourage you to try this recipe.
In terms of performance and products, few media can be as valuable as oil powder paintings on canvas.
You should at least learn more about the medium of this wonderful evolution, and of course how to use oil Powder painting.
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