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how to use vintage furniture & accessories for wedding decorations

by:COSCO     2020-07-13
Nowadays, there are retro furniture in almost every wedding website, you can see a lot of beautiful retro photos
with inspiration
Not sure how the wine is so popular, although the Huffington Post has publicly declared that the wine is out of date, it seems to have gained more steam and turned from the countryside to country fashion.
There are opportunities in every industry (i. e.
, This is the code for smart people and they know how to catch it when they see a good thing! )
Of course, the wedding industry is no exception.
Savvy business minded people soon began to get to know something about the retro craze and began offering brides vintage furniture for sale or rental that popped up on wedding sites all over the place.
However, using vintage furniture and accessories for your wedding is an art that doesn\'t look like your aunt Susie\'s garage sale!
What antiques do you want for your wedding?
Consider the cost before you take the rental route to get vintage pieces to create the look you want.
Unless your wedding budget continues until the back of the Moon, renting is probably not the most affordable option for you.
You really want to see the price.
Start collecting pictures of your inspiration, a place like Pinterest is a great start when you collect a bunch (
Pinterest is very addictive! )
Look at the recurring themes.
Is this a nice button sofa? Its crooked legs catch your eyes.
Is Queen Anne a beautiful secretary?
Think about it before you put your efforts in.
How will you use the bride dollars earned from these pieces.
If you just like what the antique sofa looks like in some style photos, the bride and groom sit together and look at each other, you may want to reconsider.
If the sofa is in the center of the reception area, it is completely different.
Look for parts with a specific purpose.
For example, can that old table be a sign for guests?
On the table by the window and the old door?
Can Queen Anne\'s secretary make a lovely presentation for the dessert buffet?
Don\'t be rushed to rent without considering how you will use them.
Retro in budget you can get the same look at a lower price without expensive vintage wedding rental company, but for couples who got engaged yesterday and wanted to get married in three months, this is not what!
This includes collecting over time, maybe a year or more, not to mention finding a place to store everything before the wedding.
However, if you collect antiques yourself, the meaning of each piece of clothing, especially if they are handed to heir, will make the tents wedding look more beautiful.
Not only do you have time, but you also have to consider how you will ship your gorgeous loot once all the collection is finished.
While it seems attractive to bump a friend in a truck to move things, is this really a bargain?
Depending on the distance you have to move the item, consider the cost of gasoline (
This is the only friendship! )
Travel back and forth many times. Ugh!
It would be great if you had a friend with truck and trailer!
If not, you might want to rent a car like U-Haul.
If you don\'t ship your antique furniture long distances, it won\'t be as expensive as you think.
In this way, everything can be moved at once and you can have these friends unload the truck instead of driving.
If you want to save money instead of taking the rental route, where can you find vintage furniture and accessories to find vintage furniture for your wedding©Cor is not as difficult as you think.
In fact, great scores may be right in front of your eyes over the years!
We are talking about your mom\'s house, your grandparents house, friends who like antiques.
It\'s time to call Aunt Suzy to help or remind her that it took you hours to clean the legs of her claw foot velvet recliner for her, or to insert flowers in your grandmother\'s milk glass vase!
Walk past relatives home with new eyes and learn how to use debris in your life©Cole.
Refer to your inspiration picture to learn that it may be-die-
They can sit on the shelf in the corner!
Search in closets, Cedar cases, and lofts and you may stumble across old-fashioned handkerchiefs, dugels, old suitcases, or old-fashioned typewriters. (
Of course, all of this is licensed! )
Once you are driven out of your relative\'s house, other sources of vintage wedding decoration projects (
And was told never to come back before the wedding! )
And there are other good places to find antiques for your d. ©Cole.
While the antique shop seems like a logical place, be careful!
Many antique stores are overpriced so you really don\'t get that much.
Instead, try thrift stores like goodwill, consignment shops, real estate, or yard sales, even e-storesBay.
If you keep looking, you can find many treasures almost for free.
Another good place to look for vintage items is to search the wedding category advertising website.
Many wedding scenes, such as weddings, weddings, etc.
There is a classified advertising section where brides list items for sale after the wedding.
It\'s kind of like having another bride do the job for you. . . sweet!
Even though you can get amazing things from other brides, be careful!
Get to know your price, don\'t be attracted to the excitement of the plan, and don\'t pay too much for anything.
Keep in mind that you have to pay for shipping and it can become quite expensive when you buy big items like furniture.
Looking for a bride who lives near you, you can consider picking in the local area
And make sure you take gas costs into account.
Also, if you are buying fragile items like vases or porcelain, make sure the bride at the other end knows how to pack properly to avoid damage.
Once you have all the pieces you want, use your inspiration pictures to arrange your vintage pieces and practice your arrangement.
When you have a beautiful me
A valuable episode, take photos with your digital camera.
There are several reasons why this is important.
First of all, if you are using people like family, friends or planners to do your d. ©Cole, they need to know how you want to arrange all your beautiful clothes.
Second, you can hardly remember your name on the day of the wedding, not to mention you want those beautiful little milk glass birds or spelling letters Mr. & Mrs.
Write if you don\'t take pictures!
Print out the picture, give each friend one, and let them copy the picture. . . simple!
What should you do with all your antiques after the wedding!
You have collected all these things, what should I do now?
Of course, if you borrow them, wash them carefully and pack them back to their owners.
If you have already rented them, the rental company may pick you up or you will have to come back to avoid being late.
If you have purchased them and really like them, save them as much as you can to provide your new vintage
Theme home with your new husband!
If you have no way to save everything you collect, no matter how much you love them, pay forward and list your items on wedding classified ads or emailsBay.
Like you, other brides are hunting outside too!
More vintage decor ideas collect vintage items for weddings©Cor, while time-consuming, is fun and can make your tents wedding more meaningful.
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