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In the process of wedding huts device which need to pay attention to details

by:COSCO     2020-09-20
huts are now many customers when choosing marriage sites often pick a place, about wedding huts device, usually have to build huts on wedding, wedding in huts in the process of the device, there are some matters needing attention is not to be negligent, such as the following. huts membrane structure device in the process of rainwater accumulation phenomenon shouldn't attack. Should be based on the degree of rainfall with discontinuous and continuous resolution project. huts membrane structure device, should be set up on the surface of the membrane with a safety net, homework personnel necessary to wear your seat belt. In the process of installation, operation personnel should wear soft shoes, walking on the surface of the membrane shouldn't wear hard objects such as keys. Tension should be confirmed when partial tensioning order, quantity, control the speed of tension, and confirm the ultra tension value, according to the features of data. huts membrane structure of the device contains open, fixed-angle and tensioned membrane body forming three parts. huts membrane structure of the device should be under the condition of the wind is not more than 4. huts, can say to we brought a lot of lunch and now married also don't have to worry can't find a hotel, field set up for another wedding huts, married to enjoy different experience.
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