Indonesia trip of the excellent staff of LIRI TENT

by:COSCO     2020-06-22
Recently, the company organized a wonderful trip to attractive island of Bali for those excellent staff of 2015, it was an unforgettable six-day vacation in this warm island. During the tour, we visited a few most prominent beach resort area living in Bali, including: Kuta Kuta, Sanur Sanur, Nusa Dua Nusa Dua, Jimbaran Jimbaran beach and picturesque attractions, we and enjoyed the legendary Balinese sunrise and in addition sunset in this Strait of Indonesia (Bali Strait). Here, the wide beach destination and fine sand, the clear bluish sea, the air made us mentally and physically very relaxed and cozy. It's really a soundless place to get by from the city, and take one's body and mind for you to nature, far beyond your the hubbub out of city life and after that crowds. The trip so that you can Bali, it any great opportunity for excellent staff to loosen up in the nature, it also indicates that the company's thanks to its staff, the company has produced an innovative, aggressive company culture, all of the staff can notice the warmth of unquestionably one of a team, it encourages strengthen the built in power of this company, everyone in concert with to get the whole shebang done. Everyone pledged that they may possibly keep growing spending so much time in the arising future, in 2016, COSCO will achieve all a higher becoming successful with all COSCOers.
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