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Innovation: Methane capture gives more bang for the buck

by:COSCO     2019-08-12
Kate in La Luce Capone
As a means to stop global warming, capture technology has attracted a lot of attention.
But while carbon dioxide has become the ire of environmental activists, methane may not lag much behind.
In fact, Oliver Boucher and Gede falboth of the British Meteorological agency in the center of Dudley in Exeter believe that the removal of methane may bring more benefits to \"our environment.
But how do you release methane from the atmosphere?
\"From a technical point of view, due to the low concentration of methane in the atmosphere, it is more challenging than removing carbon dioxide,\" said Alexander Sorokin, a chemist at the University of Lyon, France.
However, there is still hope.
There are already ways to remove high concentrations of methane from landfill sites and mines.
For example, a bacteria called methane oxidation Bacteria Digests methane and produces
Formaldehyde and other products can be used in the manufacture of hydrogen fuel.
\"At present, the reaction of methane oxidation bacteria is slow and it needs to be accelerated to play a role.
\"Genetic engineering may improve efficiency,\" Boucher said . \".
It is then possible to use these bacteria to extract methane from the air.
At the same time, chemists are working on ways to mimic bacteria.
Earlier this year, Amy Rosenzweig from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, and his colleagues indicated that, methane oxidation bacteria use an enzyme centered on two copper atoms to oxidation a discovery that can help develop methane
Removal of catalyst
In 2008, Sorokin and his colleagues invented an iron
A base catalyst capable of oxidation of high concentrations of methane in water.
If the rising seawater temperature melts the permanent frozen layer or releases methane hydrate from the current undersea location, removing methane from the water may help to avoid disaster.
Bocher and Folberth argue that, due to the extreme effectiveness of methane as a greenhouse gas, even if these technologies are more expensive in themselves, methane removal may compete financially with carbon capture.
That\'s because, likefor-
Like the foundation, methane caused greenhouse warming in the first five years of the atmosphere, 100 times that of carbon dioxide.
Although methane has only existed in carbon dioxide for 10 years, and in 100, it has left an annoying legacy & colon; carbon dioxide.
This is because 1 ton of methane produces 2 tons of methane when it is degraded.
75 tons of carbon dioxide.
In addition, methane slows down the formation of shadows
Sulfuric acid aerosol formation.
Taking all of these effects into account, it is estimated that in the 100 period, methane was 25 to 33 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Since pre-
Folberth claims that in the industrial age, methane levels in the atmosphere have risen from 715 per billion to nearly 1800 ppb.
\"If methane can be brought back
It will bring a half degree of cooling, which is equivalent to removing one-
The third type of carbon dioxide produced by human activity . \"
In addition, the cooling will be carried out within 10 years.
Kirk Smith said that the obvious place to start capturing methane may be where a lot of air has been moved, such as around cooling towers or wind farms, environmental scientists at the University of California, Berkeley
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