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judge tours controversial prayer ground as anxious sides await ruling

by:COSCO     2019-08-22
A High Court judge is in charge of overseeing the trial of the town of Mahwah with an American indigenous tribe, who visited the prayer grounds at the center of the heated dispute for some time on Friday.
High Court Judge Roy F.
McGeady, who is the chief review trial, was led to the tribal property by Dwaine Perry chief rampaogh Lenape.
McGeady walked into the yurt, reached the peak in the frame tent of the chief, and was stained by a traditional custom of using smoke before entering the prayer circle.
The town filed 40 to 50 complaints about tents, tents and other buildings built in the sweet waters of the Split Rock, $1,250 per piece, a piece of land by the Ramapo River.
The town said the buildings violated zoning regulations.
McGady heard the testimony within a month. long, one-day-a-
The week trial ended on Tuesday.
He is expected to take a decision in November. 17.
McGeady also checked a temporary kitchen to store food but did not cook, checked the frame of a sweat hut and asked about the frame tent pole leaning against two trees, saw a 20 on the altar by the river
Renewable energy for tribes and in pop-
Where the equipment is stored.
Ramapoughs has been using the site for the tribe by officials and neighbors in the town of oddswith, which is located at the entrance of a housing development project consisting of millions of people
Known as the dollar house of the polo club.
About 24 residents were out in an hour on Friday.
Long walking tour of the hotel.
They lag behind lawyers and tribal supporters in maigadi, Ramapoughs and villages and towns.
John Lamb, a lawyer representing neighboring homeowners, said Ramapoughs ignored zoning and other Township regulations and set up tents 20 feet from the road (
When there\'s 70-
Foot frustration requirements)
, And create lanes, temporary parking lots, and camps where the zoning is not allowed.
\"It\'s a process and they do whatever they want,\" Lamb said . \".
Residents did not participate in the lawsuit until McGeady.
They have filed their own civil suit, and Judge Charles Bowles is in the High Court.
Before the case began, Ball was \"waiting to see what\'s going on here,\" Lamb said \".
A tribal member who claimed to be an owl said Ramapoughs tried to sit down with his neighbors to find out.
\"Their position is that we don\'t want you here and they will try everything legally or they will push us out,\" he said . \".
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