Liri Tent Participates in Maserati Sport car Tour

by:COSCO     2020-04-04
Maserati, the luxury car brand from Italian launched another wonderful tour activities in Zhuhai Ocean Spring, released other coupe series and also set up professional test reception venue. COSCO also participate in this activity and attain the perfect combination between the aesthetics design and excellence craftsman design. COSCO make any good great effect for now this activity, the tents have proven to be widely used for point out area, test driving subject and so on. So it makes this event superb with our good prime quality tents. COSCO will certainly offer different camp tents used for exhibition, product launches and as a consequence promotional activities, of which creates an individual fashion atmosphere indicates of advertising. We are undoubtedly famous with some of the professional, fast, accurate, reliable and extraordinary attentive service with make your episode excellent value. With many a few years of experience as well as a good reputation, COSCO was turning the exclusive outdoor tent supplier for your current top car emblem exhibition. The wonderful quality tents out of COSCO are generally the unique yard for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Honda, Audi, Toyota events.
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