Maintenance of outdoor wedding tent

by:COSCO     2020-08-28
Now choose a outdoor wedding couple more and more, it also makes the outdoor wedding awning room utilization rate is higher. And outdoor tents wedding hold time is usually lasts 1 - 2 days, so the outdoor awning room there is a high frequency of usage of the wedding. To outdoor banquet awning room service life is long, then completes the maintenance work for it. ( 中远- Outdoor wedding tent) We want to know, each customer's requirements are different, the wedding tent material also has difference, on the market at present mainly based on aluminum alloy awning room is given priority to. In order to ensure the quality of outdoor structure tent aluminum alloy and using professional tent manufacturing company to recommend a few maintenance method: ( 中远- Outdoor tent) for aluminum alloy A: familiar with the installation: first in building outdoor awning room for the first time, we need to avoid effect use effect due to improper installation of this kind of thing happen. Therefore, we need to be familiar with the supporting method totally build; 2: avoid impact: outdoor wedding frame tent for aluminum alloy material in the case of security, also want to ensure that its beauty. If at the time of building aluminum alloy outdoor wedding tent by gravity, it is easy to cause scratches on the surface of a framework profiles; Three: fire disaster prevention: during the use of outdoor structure tent, it is important to note that the insulation of the electrical work, avoid wire and iron cloth, or is likely to happen to get an electric shock risk; Four: receive deposit: after using outdoor wedding tent, have to be clean on the surface of a tent, guarantee the tarpaulin surface clean and dry, then tent remove store to the warehouse. In addition to the above four points, we need to do is check the outdoor structure tent every component for the surface of the galvanized layer is damaged, the steel parts for rust corrosion and tarpaulins whether the situation of the case of damage or dirty, if the presence of the above, we shall be processed in a timely manner, to avoid unnecessary trouble. You may also want to understand the tent should be how to maintain for outdoor activities, welcome to know.
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