make your wedding favors for cheap! by ashley beck

by:COSCO     2020-07-31
The problem with most bridesto-
Are there any cheap tents wedding offers for married or married couples?
I want to make sure one thing before I start answering this question.
When using the word cheap, it doesn\'t mean that you don\'t give it all you have.
You have spent a lot of money to make the day perfect.
So here are some cheap or cheap ways to make wedding favors.
Save a little money and you can even use it on your honeymoon! !
Here are some really cool ideas to save money and do two things at the same time: flower arrangement sets up a small flower arrangement for each table.
This is both a good thing for your guests and an ornament on the table.
You can usually find small glass containers at Wal-Mart.
Sell Wal-Mart or dollar stores at a fairly cheap price.
Add some of your favorite flowers (s)
Or flowers of your favorite color.
Depending on your wedding time, you can even make it seasonal. Have fun! Be creative!
Everyone, I know, suggested candles for weddings.
But find your favorite shape or smell and give a small candle to each of your guests.
This will make your guests personal.
It will tell your guests that you want them to go there and make them feel special.
Use tulle and/or ribbons to make the festival even more festive!
One of my favorite little photo frames!
You can find small frames for them to place the cardholder.
Each of your guests has a frame to take home.
If you do not want to assign seats, put a special message or quote in each frame.
Your guests will remember you in a special way!
Wine glass markers make wine glass markers with some wires and beads.
Then find a small box and wrap the ribbon around it.
One for every guest.
Keeping each other\'s wine glasses apart will also help!
Personalized CD of your favorite songs with your fiancé!
You can buy this one left in CD gears s, Staples, Wo
Cheap supermarkets, etc.
Then decided to put about 10 songs there.
Burn them to a CD;
Put or write on each label.
You can buy print-
No matter where you buy cds s, you can tag it.
Then give each guest one!
It\'s a cool personal gift.
You can live your big day and save some money.
Don\'t make it look cheap either.
Make and make your tents wedding gifts cheaply! ! You can do it! !
Remember to have fun and be creative! ! !
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