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Multi-function beautiful and high quality tent

by:COSCO     2020-08-20
With the development of the city, more and more large and small activities in the host, political, cultural, business, sports and entertainment. If indoors, your choice may only hotel conference room, and if outdoors, the temporary buildings can be turned up at the gate of the shopping mall, hotel garden, purple jade, chaoyang park, shunyi water park, and even the juyongguan Great Wall, activity view with grade soon promoted. 'From the frame tent of the company's Marketing Department for routh's miss wang said. A wide range of market demand for temporary buildings such as the routh's supplier sales growing. Years rouse's undertaking projects include various outdoor exhibition, marketing promotion, celebration, concert, outdoor weddings, sport events, from the Beijing auto show to oral equipment exhibition, the agriculture, the open golf championship, huairou, dragon boat, BMW will test drive, land rover experience center and so on. Awning room for disassembly convenient, flexible assembly is the main advantage of the outdoor overlay. Common temporary buildings which can be roughly divided into tents, awning room, houses, wooden houses and so on a number of classes. Houses for the modular structure, multi-purpose for construction site temporary housing and buildings for disaster relief. pitched framework for aluminum material, more with PVC tarpaulin material, used in large exhibitions and activities. Small business promotion is only the ordinary advertising tents to complete the mission.
come in many forms, like outdoor event tent for sale and party tents online, and they all provide efficient solution for our aluminium marquee needs.
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