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On the tent use for outdoor activity environment requirements

by:COSCO     2020-09-17
Unlimited due to the outdoor space, a lot of choice for outdoor activity party tents marquees held activities, this makes the use of outdoor awning room rate is higher and higher, some choose lease also some choose to purchase directly. But whether to lease or buy, demand for outdoor activities of awning room goes to work or to do, otherwise the use life of awning room will be discounted. So, awning room should be how to enjoy outdoor activities? Small make up simple introduce you for everyone from several aspects: before building outdoor awning room, first of all, in view of the terrain to stop investigation, to prevent the above camp has the safe hidden trouble, such as rolling stone, ourselves to prevent site there are some elements may be adverse to the frame tent of formation damage for activities. Awning room in the building activities and device tarpaulins, to prevent the fabric by sharp appliances bad, which affect activity of awning room use effect. The use of activity during the awning room, want to consider the local climate condition, robust to timely activities tent stop reinforcing protection, clean up the snow, on a regular basis for drying tarpaulin etc, avoid rain awning room surface coating were destroyed. Usual activities ordinary awning room is aluminum awning room, usually don't need special maintenance, but if inside the frame tent kitchen cooking, or demand thinking flame will impact in tarpaulins. Usually prepare fire-fighting preplan, waterproof moisture-proof measures. After the use of activity awning room, must remember all the spare parts to collect complete, put the frame tent in ventilated place dry after packaging, stacked to warehouse needs to pay attention to moistureproof rat bite, etc. , and arrange another time to use again.
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