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ordering your wedding tent

by:COSCO     2020-06-27
You need a tent if you are having a wedding outdoors.
Choosing the right one, however, seems like a daunting task and they can be so expensive that you want to avoid making expensive mistakes.
Here are some of the key things to keep in mind when ordering wedding tents.
The first one is the size of your location.
You can only install so many tents in any given place, and you also need to make sure there is enough space around the tents.
If you get married in a place where tent receptions are often held, then you should know that the size of the tent is suitable for this space and there is no problem.
However, if you are having a wedding in the backyard, it is a very good idea to have several frame tent companies come out to assess how big a tent your yard will accommodate.
Since this will be directly related to the number of guests you can have at the reception, be sure to get this message before finalizing your guest list and sending out an invitation.
There are multiple factors in deciding what size of wedding tent you need.
One of them is the type of reception you are planning.
If you have a funky cocktail party where the bride is wearing a sexy sheath and dramatic bridal jewelry, the square feet per guest you need are much less than the traditional seated dinner, at this dinner, the bride is dressed in a big poufy wedding dress and gorgeous jewelry, while the guests are all.
The space needed for the self-help reception falls somewhere in the middle.
To give you an idea, a frame tent of the same size may apply to a formal dinner for 80 guests, a buffet for £ 100, or a cocktail party for £ 130.
Except that there is enough space in the tent for the table (
By the way, the circle takes up more space than the rectangle)
, You need to think about what else is under your frame tent. A d. j.
You need to allocate about 200 square feet, 5 square feet per guest on the dance floor, and space for a buffet table, cake stand and bar.
If there\'s any cooking going on-
It is better to have a separate dining tent on the website, so be sure to keep this in mind.
In addition to the basic tent, you may need to rent something extra.
Most of them have to do with the weather.
For example, if the weather is cold then you should rent a portable heater (
And make sure there is enough space under the tent to accommodate them).
Hard floors can be a very good investment, especially if you live in a place where it rains.
In the event of rain, being able to drop the tents on both sides is another upgrade you may need.
Be sure to get an assessment and recommendation from several different tent companies.
You can also find out what exactly the price includes.
If a company gives you a very low estimate, dig it up a little and it may be found that their price does not include the setup and delivery fee, and the time is very short, or their tents are more vulnerable or run-down than their competitors.
Another big thing is to confirm that the tent company has enough insurance.
In fact, I know someone who attended the wedding, where the wind forced the tent to collapse and the guests were wounded by flying debris.
This is very rare, but it is also possible to happen, so insurance is the key.
When ordering a structure tent, the most important thing may be to choose a reliable oneknown company.
Not only can you get the best tents and the most professional services, but many of these companies can help you with many other leases, from tables to lighting to dishes, this will make your life easier.
The easier it is for you to make yourself better when you plan your wedding!
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