Outdoor banquet tent to choose for glass curtain wall or PVC tarpaulin?

by:COSCO     2020-09-13
Because now it's too hard due to the hotel, so I believe that there are a lot of new wedding is not for money, but to choose held venues and worries! And outdoor weddings can match the awning room, not only the design variable, more able to meet your romantic outdoor tents wedding desire, let you under the blue sky white clouds can also hold a dream tents wedding. Outdoor awning room is what we call the catering wedding greenhouses, framework profiles often adopt high quality aluminum alloy material, external use PVC tarpaulin or glass curtain wall. Common PVC tarpaulin has a variety of options: transparent frame tent, translucent, and opaque double-sided coating knife scraping cloth, have waterproof, sunscreen, such as flame retardant performance. , transparent PVC cloth are relatively than the other two more high-end atmosphere, similar to the glass curtain wall, can watch directly from internal to external, inside the tent together in the night will also be able to appreciate the star-filled sky, think of is very romantic. And in the case of light during the day can also save the cost of the indoor lighting. Another opaque tarpaulins to ensure privacy for the user. Also have many choices in terms of color, common in both white and red, we can also in the frame tent outside painting or printing different patterns and the activities of the slogan, is not only suitable for tents wedding, also suitable for a variety of outdoor activities. Say that finished PVC fabric, and glass curtain wall. We all know that the glass is transparent, relatively glass as on the outer wall will show more tall, and has similar efficacy and transparent tent, is able to directly see the scenery outside, let you really feel intimate contact with nature. Read the above simple introduction, if you sail is lack of such a set of outdoor banquet room? Fast to consult us, changzhou frame tent can according to your needs and preferences for says there to recommend awning room solutions, and provide you with a variety of doors and Windows, cloth curtain, lamps and lanterns, furniture, floor and other supporting facilities, let you in outdoor also can obtain star hotel's experience and levels. Welcome to consultation!
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