outdoor wedding decorations from mini palm plants to pyramid tea bags

by:COSCO     2020-07-19
Outdoor weddings are a great setting for couples who love nature and those who just want to stay away from the hastily closed office space.
Ceremonies and receptions can be held in one area and are only a few steps away from each other, which also makes outdoor weddings practical.
Outdoor weddings usually refer to garden weddings and garden weddings, usually implying items and colors for spring and summer.
There are very few outdoor tents wedding decorations that hosts or planners can design for these weddings.
If any, tie the designer\'s leaf decorations to a nearby tree as an appetizer.
You can also add round paper lanterns.
The paper lantern is the perfect decoration for an outdoor wedding and it can always make a statement.
Brighter shades like pink, blue, yellow, green and orange are the highlights of the outdoors.
These colors can be matched with flower centers in more or less the same tone.
The arrangement of flower arrangement is great.
Place the flowers in a glass vase to maintain the traditional look, but give it a personality by personalizing a glass vase engraved with a letter combination or the name of the groom and bride embedded in it.
Try to replace the glass vase with a decorative silver mint julep cup to save flowers for more contemporary couples;
Try to put three or four personalized mini vases in the center to get more versatile twist than a vase.
Vases can also be used as gifts for parties.
A group of mini palm plants at a height of about 6 to 8 inch, no more than 1.
The pot bottom of 5 inch can also be made more than one
Function center.
Wrap palm plants with yarn or elegant cellophane, wrap them from flower pots to the middle part of the plant, and tie a ribbon on the package and hash label to get them together --favor-ready.
Use the local card of ecologyfriendly.
There are a lot of local cards with plant seeds in their designs.
These local cards can be used as outdoor tents wedding decorations because of the design of spring, including butterflies, flowers and flower pots.
Place the cards in a butterfly or flower card holder that is a favorable box for economic distortion.
Provide guests with a copy of the tents wedding show to keep up with the pace of the ceremony or reception, but with style.
Print the program on the paper fan in various colors.
Punch through the bottom of the fan and insert a ribbon in it for a polished and elegant finish.
If tea is provided at the reception, please use a tea bag in the shape of a pyramid.
Tea bags can also be placed in tea cans.
Personalized tea cans are labeled to match the theme and can also be used as a favor for weddings.
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