Peg and pole tent

Peg and pole tent, one of the most popular products of Cosco, is supplied with various dimensions involving different height, size, and width.

We use 63mm diameter aluminum tubes with a wall thickness of 2.5mm to manufacture the frame, the product, therefore, has a high impact strength, strong durability, and highly decorative effect. Its joints are made of high-quality steel and processed by zink-plating technology. The pole tent for sale product has a perfect glossy finish and shows perfect appearance. The product is characterized by its rust-proof performance. The tops are made of dense laminated fabrics which can block out the light and are flame retardant. The side walls are made of PVC coated fabrics which are widely used for their waterproof performance and UV resistance. People can be rest assured to stay inside. In addition, customers’ requirements about the product can be met. For example, the length can be extended 20ft easily and there are various high-end accessories can be provided like window walls, plain walls, transparent roof covers, and flooring systems.

Cosco peg and pole tent for sale are engineered to reach the strict national standard and provide safe space for the events. The tent has a towering peak and graceful curves which can always remind people of the old days and happy memories.

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