Pick the wild camping in front of the outdoor camping shade aluminum alloy waterproof PVC tent, tent items should be pay attention to

by:COSCO     2020-08-20
When are you going to spend the night in the wild, can choose the wild camping waterproof PVC shade aluminum alloy tents, sleeping bags, tarps, snow hole, or refuge cabin. And the wild camping tent waterproof PVC shade aluminum alloy is the most commonly used way, because it is easy to set up, can waterproof, repeated use, can be set up to any location at the same time, and wind, sun protection, internal have enough space for climbers placement equipment. of choose and buy should be based on their own purposes, such as summer, non XueQi, XueQi or use of the four seasons; The number of tents to accommodate; You want to have space; The weight of the tent; Can you accept the price, etc. Manufacturers to provide a combination of different size, weight, and the design, can undertake choosing according to need. No matter use tent is single or double type, the account must understand the degree of waterproof and breathable fabric, if completely waterproof, moisture will condense in the inside account appears at the bottom of the cause of small puddles, exhale the moisture are climbers, at the same time it is likely to be drenched sleeping bag. Cheap single tents, can only be used in the location of the forest floor, must be quite ventilation at the same time, because single tent completely waterproof breathable. Within the tent, so it's best to choose a double account to permeability is strong, the account is completely waterproof plastic cloth, such as in addition to the account account will still keep the high moisture, the account of internal and external cloth must not contact or stick together, because together will make account of water seeping into the account, at the same time must be completely covered in external accounts account with inward and outward, sometimes can be a waterproof bottom to prevent moisture infiltration, and keep the bottom clean, increase the service life. Different wild camping frame tent waterproof PVC shade aluminum alloy design has a different degree, must be taken into consideration when the choose and buy their own purposes, especially XueQi is more important. Lightweight tents should be spacious enough, strong, can deal with some special requirements. General account is the most commonly used two tents, because is easy to carry, easy to find the camp, and three people or single person also can live. Shade aluminum alloy tent camping waterproof PVC color had better choose warm color attune such as yellow, orange, or red. When you are trapped, visible color will be easy to find. should avoid cooking, especially the use of gas stoves. The stove has excitant odour, easily spilled fuel oil, and fire control, this is the latent crisis. Especially in the tent of waterproof nylon fabric cooking often have seed the feeling of suffocation, cooking can also cause the account together many small water droplets, if there is a need to tent cooking, both inside and outside the ventilation of best account.
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