Polygon tent

At Cosco, the polygonal tent is available. This kind of tent is required when there is a need for an unobstructed interior space without center poles and when the site can't offer a traditional style pole or tension tent. With an engineered structure, the product can meet stringent building codes.

Compared with the traditional structure, the product has plenty of advantages. There is no center pole inside the tent, which makes its interior open and airy. It provides open space and enables people to enjoy the fresh air even inside the tent. The clear overhang lets the natural light in and allows people to have a clear view of the sky. The roof cover and the side walls are made of double PVC coated textiles, which endows the product with the waterproof performance. During the rainy days, the product is the perfect tent which allows people to enjoy rainy days without being wet, therefore giving them a wonderful mood. Additionally, it has flexible structures which give conveniences for people to install, take down, remove, and relocate. The cost is much lower and the overall project budget can be guaranteed.

Cosco also provides optional accessories for the polygonal tent including clear windows, ground anchors, glass wall systems, ABS hard wall systems, rolling doors, air conditioners, curtains, and so on.

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